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How Much Is Ferret Food? + Where To Buy Ferret Food?

If you are a proud owner of ferrets, you might already know they are strictly carnivores who usually extract nutrients from meat sources. Therefore, you must feed your ferret with well-balanced food for optimal health & long life. Their diet must contain high-quality protein, moderate fat, & low carbohydrate, specifically formulated for ferrets.

Therefore, if you find it hard to learn about ‘how much is ferret food’ or ‘where to buy ferret food,’ this article is for you. In this article, I will talk about some reliable sources to purchase ferret foods specifically formulated for them. All the stores listed below are reliable, credible, & well-known sources.

We will also discuss the price of ferret food, giving you an average idea of what you will spend on their diet monthly. However, it is important to note that your ferret also requires a homemade diet. The diet or the food commercially available is not always healthy for them. They should be fed a well-mixed & versatile diet occasionally to keep up with their nutrient intake and fulfill their nutritional requirement. Therefore, if you are keen on learning ‘where to find ferret food,’ here is what you need to know.


How Much Is Ferret Food?


Generally, commercially available foods come with a price range of $22.49 to $30.49 for a lb bag. However, if you choose a premium one, be ready to pay an average of $43.69 to $47.99 for a 7 lb bag. In general, you can expect to spend around $6.59 to $13.79 per pound of ferret commercial food, available at different pet stores & online.

However, this price range may also fluctuate depending on the type of food, the brand, bag quantity, and taxes in different states. I recommend you thoroughly research before purchasing any food for your ferret. Many popular brands offer premium quality ferret food. 


For example, you can consider purchasing Marshal premium food in a 7-pound bag between $43.69 and $45.99. On the other hand< if you are looking for a more affordable option, you can consider choosing between ‘Mazuri ferret food’ or ‘Wysong ferret food.’

I highly recommend you avoid feeding Wild Harvest’s food to your ferret as they are not nutritionally beneficial (according to the customer’s rating). People looking for a budget option can go with wysong food, available in 5-pound bags with a price range of $28.60-$31.29.


We can say that the average commercial food for ferrets is available at an average price of $27.54. However, you should know that the ferrets should also be fed cooked meat as an occasional treat because, in the wild, they usually consume raw food in the form of mice. However, you should avoid feeding the pet ferret with any raw diet as they can get sick.

Even though ferrets are known to consume raw food in the wild, their digestive tracts are not adapted well to bacteria like salmonella and campylobacter, commonly found in raw food. Avoiding raw food becomes more important when you have adopted a ferret from a domesticated breed line.

To get more idea of what homemade food you can feed your ferret, I will highly advise you to consider consulting With the breeder from where you adopted it. Now, if you are wondering ‘Where To Buy Ferret Food,’ don’t worry about it. Below, I list a few of the best places to purchase the most affordable ferret food that is healthy & tasty.


Wysong Epigen 90 Ferret DietChewy$29.28
Marshall Premium Ferret FoodAmazon$15.27
Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Ferret FoodZooplus$38.19
Breeders Choice Ferret FoodPetSmart$ 17.81
Natural Instinct Ferret FormulaPetco$19.09


Where To Buy Ferret Food?


There are many online stores where you can purchase a food bag for your ferret, but do your research. You can find many commercially available ferret food options at,, and Other than this, there is also Walmart & Petsmart, where you can directly visit & purchase the food. The website also offers a range of food selections. However, if you live in Canada, I will advise you to purchase food from a reliable Pet store nearby. 


Besides this, you can also consider buying ferret food online in Canada by visiting a site called On the other hand, if you are from Australia and looking to get a reliable source of ferret food, I will advise you to consider visiting or Both sites offer ferret food at a very affordable rate. Below are a few more trusted sources/stores.


United StatesCanadaAustralia
Petco (Retail Pet Store & Online Store)Chewy (Online Retailer)Petbarn (Nationwide Pet Store Chain)
Pet Supplies Plus (Online Pet Retailer)Amazon (Online Retailer)Petstock (Nationwide Pet Store Chain)
Petsmart (Retail Pet Store & Online Store)Petsmart (Pet Store Chain & Online Store)The Petshop Boyz (Online Pet Store That Ships To Australia)
Amazon (Online Retailer)Petvalu (Pet Store Chain & Online Store)Amazon Australia (Mostly Imported From Us)
Chewy (Online Pet Retailer)Zooplus (Online Retailer)eBay Australia (Offers Good Deals)

When purchasing ferret food from any store, you must consider the factors mentioned below.


3 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Ferret Food From Any Store or Online


Credibility & Reputation


The first thing you need to do is to check the credibility & reputation of the Pet store from where you are getting your ferret food. You should avoid getting your ferret food from any local Pet store as you might get a foul bag or expired one. In addition to this, local stores that are very small and seem to be very unhygienic should be avoided.

Many people have complained about finding pests inside the food bag, which isn’t good & healthy for ferrets to consume. Therefore, it is best to always stick with reputable retail stores in their industry. It is best to visit well-known retail pet stores like Petco or PetSmart, which regularly update their shelves. Alternatively, you can also consider purchasing online from sites like:




These are some reliable & credible retail pet stores offer genuine products for ferrets. In addition to this, Petco also offers a ferret for adoption, and if you want to know how much it will cost, consider reading my article on ‘How Much Is A Ferret At Petco.’


Brand & Quality


The other thing that needs your attention is the food quality you choose. Always make sure to choose high-quality & premium food for your ferret to keep them healthy, & long life. Premium foods are nutritionally packed and offer a very good taste to your pets.

Also, the brands matter. Never mind checking the food brand to determine if the company is reputable. The food you purchase should come from a credible, reputable, & reliable brand who have been in this industry for decades and is also known for its ease. contact support

 Many companies offer ferret food and have been in this industry for decades, like Wysong, Oxbow, Marshel, Mazuri, etc.


Expiry Date & Quantity


Most ferret owners think they should always go with the biggest bag possible to get free from the hassle of purchasing food every month. This might feel right for you but not for your pet. When you open up the bag, it starts to degrade over time. Therefore, you must stick with a small to medium-sized bag your pets need every month. You should always choose a ferret food bag quantity your pet can consume in a month.

Generally, 3-5 lbs bags are great for ferrets, but many people choose to go over 24 lbs. This might prove right for them if there are multiple ferrets to feed per month. Also, you must check the expiry date & the manufacturing date of the food before purchasing it. If you find that the ferret food bag available at the Pet store has only two months left to expire, you must avoid that. Always go with the food offered at least six months before expiry.




Now I guess you have all the ideas about how much ferret food is and where to buy ferret food. Also, it would be best to ask your veterinarian before feeding any commercial food to your ferret because any certain ingredient can be allergic to your pet. It is best to get your ferret checked at the nearest clinic to determine what nutrients they need to stay healthy.

The veterinarians are experts at providing the best type of food and its schedule specifically tailored to your pets’ needs. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about ‘how much ferret food’ and ‘where to buy ferret food.’ Do check my other helpful guide on ferret care & responsibilities.

If you have any other concerns regarding the question, never mind dropping your comment below. We would like to know what we missed in this article and will update it in the future. If you want to stay up to date with the care & requirements of ferrets, visit our homepage to find recently published articles. If this article was fun and informative, consider sharing. See you in the next post, take care & goodbye.