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How Much Does It Cost To Spay Or Neuter A Ferret

Unless you keep your female ferrets with vasectomized males, you must consider neutering your Jill. Hence, if you want to know ferret neutering costs, this article is for you. This article will discuss ‘how much does a Jill jab cost’ and ‘how to tell if a male ferret is neutered.’

We will also talk about ‘what neutered male ferrets are called’ along with understanding the importance of ‘ferret neutering age.’ Female ferrets come into heat multiple times during the breeding season, which often starts from March to August. They are also considered induced ovulators, meaning that once Jill comes into season, she will wait until they have been mated.

Plus, No one can deny that many liters of unwanted kids are born yearly. We should consider many other factors like breeding, accommodation, and health, especially before you consider non-neutering your pet. First, let’s understand the neutering of male and female ferrets, and then we will talk about how much it costs to neuter a ferret.


Ferret Neutering Age


According to Bishops Stortford Vets, you can get your ferret (both sexes) neutered from 4 months of age. RSPCA suggests getting your ferrets spayed after puberty. However, ensure you get your ferret neutered ASAP, at least after six months of age.

Talking about females, they’re best neutered at 7-8 months. I will highly advise you to consult with your vet as they are the best person to guide you on each ferret you have and get the most benefit from neutering your ferret. Never keep a male ferret with other ferrets if he’s not neutered.

Also, if your ferret is not neutered and kept with others, there is a high chance that your pet will try to mount, fight, or bite his cage mates. However, once you get your male ferret, he will return to being calm, playful, and subtle as a kit within a couple of weeks.

You must sometimes give a few weeks for your ferret hormones to stop him from acting so vigorously or boisterously. A neutered male will never try to mate with females and often engage in playful sessions. But be sure to get both sexes neutered at the right time because not spaying your pet before puberty will increase the possible onset of adrenal diseases. Now, let’s talk about neutering female and male ferrets.


Can You Spay A Ferret In Season


Usually, veterinarians perform surgical neutering in ferrets once they are over three months old or just before their first breeding season. If your ferret is already in season or heat, it’s best to first consult with your veterinarian. Depending upon the stage of the breeding season and your ferret’s age, a vet may recommend a surgical or chemical approach to surpass male urges to mate or female urges to go into heat.


Ferret Neutering Cost


How Much Does It Cost To Spay Or Neuter A Ferret? If you have a female ferret, spay surgery can cost around $74- $200. The neuter surgery usually costs around $46-$80. This can be more expensive, depending on the practice. Also, it is almost impossible to tell what’s best or affordable for you because prices for neutering/spaying depend on the vet’s experience & the locality.


For many people, determining the actual ferret neutering cost is tough. While researching, I learned about a couple of people discussing the nutritional cost of ferrets. For example, when Emmiex enquired about the cost of male ferret neutering, vets quoted her approximately £150 or $190. Other people got their male castrated between £40 to £60, or $50-78 dollars.

Marie_k paid £60, whereas Mrcriss paid £55 for the castration of a ferret at the vet clinic. Depending on your locality, vet’s reputation & experience, and type of neutering practice, you can expect to pay around $50-$200 to get your ferret neutered. Spaying a female ferret usually costs around $74- $200, whereas neutering a male can cost $46-$80.

If you are considering your ferret descent, be ready to pay anywhere from 125 dollars to $270. Also, it would be best if you got the distemper & rabies vaccination right away, which will cost you around $20 each, according to Costhelper. On the other hand, if your veterinarian recommends using an implant instead of surgically neutering/spaying, be ready to pay anywhere around $125- per implant, which will need to be replaced several times in your ferret’s lifetime. There is a huge possibility that you would spend thousands for several ferrets to get this procedure done and prevent your ferrets from getting rough & boisterous.


ferret Neutering Methods 


Talking about neutering methods that are viable for ferrets, there are only 2. 


Surgical Neutering


First, you should note that neutering ferrets is not always as straightforward as it seems. Many vets in the United States & UK refuse to perform surgical neutering ferrets. However, surgical neutering is the best method as it will prevent your pet from having urges to meet for a lifetime. However, you should also note that any surgery is always associated with risk.

Also, no anesthetics have been licensed for use in the ferret. Your veterinarian will likely use a combination of anesthetics frequently used for dogs & cats. You don’t need to worry much because these anesthetics are reliable, and ferrets can take surgery well while recovering faster.

If you live in America, you have a high chance of getting a surgically neutered ferret from a very young age. However, make sure to adopt one from a reliable breeder, not from mills or pet ferrets, as they do inhumane practices by spaying ferrets from as young as just 4-5 weeks old (which is very wrong).

You should note that this surgical neutering is permanent and cannot be reversed. However, it is considered to be the most cost-effective method. When spaying a female ferret, the veterinarian will surgically remove the ovaries & uterus from her body to prevent her from getting into heat during the season. On the other hand, veterinarians will perform castration, surgically removing the testes of male ferrets, further reducing their aggressive behavior while promoting their playful nature.


Chemical Neutering


In the United Kingdom, you can find many examples of veterinarians not performing surgical neutering on ferrets, at least before puberty. Instead, they use chemical neutering methods using Suprelorin/Deslorelin implants, similar to female contraceptive implants. Here, the veterinarian will insert a small device into the back of your ferret’s neck.

This device is similar in size to a microchip and is known to release a slow hormone that suppresses testosterone in males & estrogen in females. This method effectively prevents both sexes from having urges to mate without having to perform invasive surgery. However, this method doesn’t last a lifetime, and the length of its effectiveness is still untested.

After researching, I discovered that this method lasted for only one year in some ferrets before needing another implant. In others, we can witness it lasting as long as 4+ years. This method seems costly as you must replace it several times in your ferret’s lifetime. Also, there will always be an uncertainty of when the implant will wear off.

In the United Kingdom, veterinarians are more inclined towards implants instead of surgical neutering. According to them, neutering ferrets at a young age tends to be the leading cause of adrenal diseases, cancer that leads to hair loss, or going bald starting from the flanks.

Sooner or later, a ferret affected with adrenal disease will become sick and will lead to death eventually if not treated. Fortunately, we have options like Suprelorin/Deslorelin implants that can treat this condition and prevent the progression of adrenal disease. According to European law, it’s very tough to get your ferret surgically neutered in the UK until they are at least six months of age,


Neutering A Female ferret


When female ferrets come into heat during the breeding season, they must mate. If you haven’t got your female ferrets spayed early, they risk developing anemia, which can be fatal. Jill, also known as a female ferret in heat, will produce estrogen, which further reduces the production of red blood cells, leading to complications like anemia. Therefore, getting your female ferret spayed or neutered is the best solution.


How Much Does A Jill Jab Cost 


Regarding Jill’s jab cost, you can expect to pay anywhere around $60-$100, depending on the vet’s expertise, the clinic’s locality & the type of procedure performed. Also, the cost of the Delvosteron injection affects the quotation you’ll receive from the vet.

What is a Spayed Female Ferret’s Name?

According to the FDA, if your female is intact, she is a Jill, but after getting spayed, they’re called sprite.


How To Tell If A Female Ferret Is Fixed?


If you have recently got your ferret from a pet ferret and she has two tattoo dots on one of her years, she has already been fixed. You should note that one dot signifies that the ferret has been descended, whereas two dots mean she has been both fixed & descended. If she is fixed, you may also notice a small scar running down her belly.


Neutering A Male ferret 


Not only is it important to get the female ferret spayed, but it is also equally necessary to get the male ones neutered. Male ferrets are known to display dominance, related to aggressive behavior, which will only be reduced by neutering. In the mating season, male ferrets can be found boisterous, aggressive, rough, fighting, marking territory with urine, and releasing strong musky odor. When it comes to neutering a male ferret, there are three options. 


  • Castration (Testicles Removal)
  • Hormone Implant (Small Device Implantation On The Back Of Its Neck)
  • Vasectomy (A Section Of Sperm Duct Removal)


Do Male Ferrets Need To Be Neutered?


Yes, male ferrets must be neutered to keep them playful, silent, and healthy. An unneutered ferret will likely get boisterous and release many pheromones that may disturb your environment. Not only does it help them suppress their urge to mate, but it also eliminates odor almost entirely.


What is a Neutered Male Ferret Called


When the male ferret is intact, they are called hobs. But, once you get your male ferret neuter, he will be called Gibs.


How To Tell If A Male Ferret Is Neutered


If a male ferret has been neutered, he will have no visible testicles. Plus, their odor will be almost eliminated. At the same time, an unfixed male ferret will likely release an unpleasant odor, be aggressive, and mark their territory with urine.




I have done my best to give you all the information you need to know on the ferret neutering cost. Depending on the type of procedure your veterinarian recommends, the vet Bill could land up anywhere between $50 to $200. However, make sure that you consider the advantages & disadvantages of each paying/neutering option.

This surgical neutering option has some pros, such as preventing certain cancers and offering a permanent solution. However, surgical neutering also increases the chances of ferrets developing hyperatronocotism, an adrenal gland disease caused by the excessive production of sex steroids.

On the other hand, hormonal injections or implants pose no risk and have always been associated with regular cost & temporary solutions. Thankfully, both options are very viable and likely to reduce the smell or odor given off by your Pet ferret. Still, it is best to talk to your vet about which option is best suited for your pet.

If you have any other concerns regarding the question ‘How much does it cost to spay or neuter a ferret,’ never mind dropping a comment below. Do check my other helpful guide shared on this website. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.