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How Much Does A Ferret Cost?

If you are in the pet market and are intrigued by watching a ferret, you might feel about adopting one. If you are considering adopting one, the first question you may wonder is, ‘How much does a ferret cost?’. In this article, I will help you learn ‘how much ferrets cost’ and the monthly & annual expenses involved.

You must get familiar with the expenses of having a ferret at home. We all know that the first expense you will make is the cost of adopting or purchasing one. We recently shared an in-depth guide on ‘where to buy ferrets.’Moreover, if you are keen on the budget you must have to keep a companion like a ferret, stay with this article. In this article, you will learn about the seven costs of having a pet ferret at home. So, without wasting time, let’s start learning about them.


How Much Does A Ferret Cost?


The first expense is the ferret adoption fee, which will be around $50 to $ 30. < be ready to spend on their supplies, like $100-$300 for their cage and $15-$50 for a secure career. In addition, you must have a budget of around $30-$100 per month for its food and $15-$30 for its bedding monthly.

Ensure to also provide them with a proper litter box & toys, which will cost you around $50-$80 on average. You will also have to spend money on neutering or spaying, flea or heartworm treatment, and veterinary visits. Let’s talk about all of these in detail

Bedding$14.99-$22.99 Semi-Annual
Vet Visits$100-$300Annual
Food & Water Dishes$7.49-$19.99Every Two Years
Litter Boxes$13.99-$29.99Semi-Annual
Shampoo & Conditioner$16.64-$28.85Annual
ToothBrush & ToothPaste$12.99-$15Annual
Emergency Budget$200-$300Annual

Adopting A ferret


Now, the first thing you need to do is adopt your pet from a reliable & credible breeder or shelter that offers healthy ferret kits already spayed or neutered, vaccinated, descended, and checked by a veterinarian. If you adopt a ferret from a reputable & credible breeder, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a genetically healthier ferret than most pet shop’s ferrets. However, be ready to pay more initially when adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, but it will save you a lot in vet bills in the long run. If you want to learn where to buy ferrets online, consider reading this article.

Black Sable$100-$


Note: Availability Of Certain Ferret Color & Its Price May Get Updated Later On The Given Site. This Data is Based On My Research (15-08-2023). Also, To Know More About Other Color Of Ferrets And Their Prices, Please Follow This Article: How Much Is A Ferret At Petco? (Jump To Ferrets Color Available With Their Cost).

Vet Cost


Like any other pet, ferret is also prone to certain health issues. Therefore, it is important to go for an initial check-up with your ferret at the nearest veterinary care clinic to ensure everything is ok, healthy, & functioning correctly. It is important to visit once in a while or regularly for routine checkups to detect & prevent any help issues.

If any health issue is found, it can get more expensive. It is important to have a budget of around $300 for annual checkups and vet visits. If you want to learn more about how much ferret vet bills cost,’ consider reading this article. You must know that this ferret is prone to a few common health conditions like adrenal gland diseases, lymphoma, gastrointestinal disease & insulinoma.

In addition, they may also develop heart disease like dilated cardiomyopathy, which can get very costly to diagnose & treat. If your ferret develops any of these diseases, you must get ready for additional checkups, tests, diagnosis, and treatment costs. Sometimes, hospice care also becomes very important. 

Vet ServicesCosts
Initial Checkup$100-$200
Annual Checkups$70-$100
Vaccinations (Yearly)$15-$25
Dental Care (Yearly)$20-$50



Another area you must pay attention to and spend money on is its cage. It is important to get a secure & comfortable cage for your beloved ferret. If you want to purchase a ferret cage, I highly advise you to choose a bigger one that offers a lot of space while ensuring escape and is free of hazards.

Also, you must keep their cage in a space that offers adequate ventilation and is easy to clean. Not only this, you will also need to make sure that a reputable company manufactures the cage you are purchasing to ensure its longevity. A cage like this tends to be a very good option for keeping a pet ferret. To know more about the cost of a ferret cage, consider reading my article on ‘How much does a ferret cage cost.’

MidWest Homes Double Story CageLitter Pan, Food Dish, Large Water Bottle, 2 Ramps, 3 Adjustable Platforms, 2 Adjustable Play Tubes, and a Hanging HammockValue for money, Spacious, Sturdy & Easy to cleanHard to assemble$335.99
Feisty Ferret Home with StandRamps, Shelves, And A HammockChew proof, Easy to clean, Easy to assemble, Easy to Move, Easy Access, Very good construction, Hammock doesn’t seem safe$154.00
Ferplast Ferret Tower2 Pans, 2 Shelves And 3 Ramps, Designer Shelf Covers, 3 Ramp Covers, Top Pan Cover, Bottom Pan CoverBest Maneuverability, Easy to clean, Sturdy, Easy to assembleWeight, Cost, Plastic Floor Boards$300.05



Strictly, it would be best to thoroughly research ferrets’ dietary requirements before adopting them. They are said to be strictly carnivorous, so make sure you’re prepared & have a budget to spend on their food every month. Since ferrets are strictly designed to eat only meat, you should never offer any food that contains a lot of plant matter.

Many commercial foods contain veggies & fruits that are not very healthy for your beloved ferret. You need to know that high-quality food is the foundation of any pet’s health & well-being. Therefore, make sure you are not always choosing the cheapest food available.

There will always be a debate between ferret owners regarding high-quality commercial kibble diets or an organic, raw-based diet prepared at home for your ferret. No matter what you choose, you must spend at least $30 to $100 on feeding your beloved pet. Thankfully, we have shared an in-depth guide on ‘how much is ferret food.’ If you want to purchase commercially available food, I will advise you to read the article to learn where to buy ferret food.

Essential Treatments


Another area where you will have to spend a few bucks is the treatments involved with having a ferret. Depending upon where you reside, you must have your ferret tested & provided with medications to prevent fleas or heartworm. They are prone to fleas, especially heartworms.

Also, you will have to spend money on neutering or spaying your ferret, depending on gender. If you have a female ferret, you might have to spend extra money for spaying than neutering a male ferret. To know more about it, consider reading my article on ferret neutering costs and learn how much it costs to spay or neuter a ferret.

Dilated CardiomyopathyMedications Like Diuretics & Ace Inhibitors$139.09-$177.28
Gastrointestinal Diseases, Including Foreign ObjectsMedication or Surgery$500-$3,000
InsulinomaAnnual Check-Ups & Ongoing Medication$75-$130
LymphomaChemotherapy & Radiation Therapy$1,000-$4,000
Parasites, Fleas or HeartwormIvermectin or Selamectin$15-$45



Another thing that you need to consider is the characteristics & behavior of ferrets. You should know that ferret tends to get bored very easily & quickly. Therefore, if you don’t provide them with proper toys & exercise, they may feel bored and start to find ways to entertain themselves.

You can provide them with toys similar to cat toys, too. It would be best if you also considered purchasing tunnels. Since they are very smart, ferrets will love to work hard for a treat and never mind solving a Puzzle. If you are not providing them with toys, they wouldn’t mind finding entertainment. Always avoid toys or enrichments that are easy to fit inside their mouth. It would be best to avoid runner balls or any Hamster wheels that can get inside them or damage their spine with the curvature shape.

Best ToysPrice
AMYESE Ferret Tunnels$27.92
6 Pack Knotted Rope Toys For Ferret Toys$21.59
Ferret Squeaky Snuffle Treat Dispensing Toy $14.99


Litter Box


Lastly, it is also important that you provide them with the appropriate type of litter box. You should avoid providing any litter that is similar to cat litter. A ferret needs dust-free litter, like recycled newspaper pellets that don’t clump. Also, it is important to clean out their litter regularly & replace it properly.

I hope it may not surprise you if I tell you that the litter of a ferret can go about 11 kilograms per month. Therefore, you must get a large liter accommodating all four paws. For their cage, I will advise you to get at least two of these, along with additional ones, if you allow your ferret to play outside of their cage.




Now, I guess you have all the ideas about how much ferret costs and what essential items you will need to keep them happy, healthy, & active long life. You must know their dietary requirements, entertainment, mental stimulation, and social; after reading this article,

I hope you have all the ideas around the question of ‘how much does a ferret cost?’ and what budget you will need to have every year after the initial cost. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about the potential cost of ferret ownership and their needs. To learn more about the cost of having a ferret as a pet, consider reading my article on ferret costs & expenses. Do check my other helpful guides shared On this website. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.