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How Much Does A Ferret Cage Cost?

If you have recently decided to adopt a ferret, congratulations because you are about to go on a happy & long journey of companionship. However, before you adopt any pet, gather all the essentials you will need to keep them housed happily, healthy, & carefree.

One such factor you must consider when adopting a ferret is its cage. When housing a ferret, you might wonder, ‘How much is a ferret cage?’. If this is the issue, you are in the right article. In this guide, you are about to find out ‘how much a ferret cage costs’ along with what you need to know before you pick a ferret cage.

If you want to know everything about ferret cages & the cost involved when setting up, this is the guide. Before we discuss the important things to have when setting up a ferret cage, let’s find out ‘how much is a ferret cage.’


How Much Does A Ferret Cage Cost?


According to Vetcare Pet Hospital, you should get a cage with a minimum of 18×18×30 inches to house only one ferret. A cage of this size will cost you between $125-$160. However, the cage must be as large as you can afford. Also, the cost of a ferret cage may vary depending upon the features, brand, ferrety, accessories, and size.

You should know that many cages have additional features, like multiple levels, to encourage your ferret to climb. They also might have a pre-installed water bottle or food bowl, making it very convenient for ferret owners. Also, you should note that some brands of ferret cages can be more expensive than others due to the quality of material used, experience of artistry, as well as the reputation of the brand itself.

When choosing a ferret cage, I highly advise you to always choose the largest cage possible according to your budget. However, there are many other things that you need to consider before determining the actual cost of a ferret cage because there are multiple factors involved.

But, in general, you should always get a ferret cage with solid or wire flooring, making it escape-proof. Also, make sure that the cage is well-ventilated and has no wooden flooring that will soak up your pet’s urine & feces. Getting a cage with wooden flooring will result in foul order, which might make it difficult to eliminate.

It is best to always get a multi-tiered ferret cage with as much space as possible. Also, keeping your ferret continuously confined to its cage is not recommended. It would be best to let your pet room around at home, though the more, the better. Let’s first find out the factors that can help you determine the actual cost of a ferret cage.


5 Factors That Affect Ferret Cage Price




First, you must determine whether you will get only one or multiple ferrets. If you plan to get a pair of ferrets, always choose a cage that offers 3 feet of width, 2 feet of depth, and 2 feet of height in an imperial systematic manner. However, if you consider getting more than two ferrets, you must go with the bigger cage as possible with multiple levels.

Many great options at Amazon come with multiple options to encourage your pet to run around. Also, a large dimension cage will allow enough room to play, sleep, & eat. However, always go with the ferret cage that can accommodate a separate toilet from the place for sleeping & eating.




I hope you already know that the wooden cages and glass tanks are poor ferret options. Hence, ensure you avoid any glass/wooden/fiberglass cage. If the cage is made from fiberglass or glass, it will have zero ventilation, which is not an option for pets like this.

Especially in the summer, ferrets can be prone to heat stroke, and keeping them in a cage that offers little to no ventilation can lead to that in minutes. Also, the worst option for you could be the wooden cage, as they may destroy your pet. If you have a stubborn ferret who always wants to dig out of a cage or is looking to escape, a wooden cage will be easily damaged through its paws. Also, ferrets may eat the wooden pieces, which may further cause obstruction & other gastrointestinal problems. The best materials that most reputable brands use to manufacture ferret cage is said to be a combination of wires & plastics.


Bar & Pole Spacing


According to St. Kitts Vet, ferrets can squeeze through the tiniest gaps. This is why you must always choose the appropriate bars facing for safety. The cage you choose must have a spacing that consists of horizontal & vertical spaces between the fingerboards. If you fail to choose the right spacing for your ferret cage, it will always be an escape & safety risk.

It is best to avoid cage spacing that is too wide between the bars. It is not uncommon for the ferret to stick out of the head of the bar and get stuck. Some may even succeed in squeezing through to escape. In addition to this, you should also pay attention to the pole spacing.

If the pole spacing is very small, you might feel blocked from interacting with your pet or getting to know each other. It is better always to use proper bar spacing to help your little friend get familiar with you & its new environment as soon as possible to keep them safe, healthy, happy, and live long. According to the Mainely Rat Rescue, it is recommended always to have only a 1-inch bar spacing for a ferret’s cage.


Secure Lock


It would be best to have a cage with a secure lock. It is an absolute must because ferrets are known to be great escape artists. If your pet manages to break it, your ferret can get lost in a matter of time. Also, a ferret left to roam freely without proper training may start chewing on furniture in your home.

I have personally witnessed a ferret chewing through wires. Therefore, they can chew on screen doors and make their way into the outdoors, which will be very complicated for you & deadly for your pet. Also, ferrets are known to swallow anything they get into their mouth, which might further cause gastrointestinal issues and make them severely sick.

Therefore, you must examine the lock carefully when getting any cage to inspect whether your pet can open it. Also, it is better to have a backup lock in place. When researching how we can create a door & locks in cages that ferrets will not be able to unlock, I encountered a very important forum post.

There, I learned that you can use a small dog snap like the one on a dog leash and cut a hole in a grid. Then, you will use that larger grid with a hole bigger than the first to make a door. After that, you must attach the bottom of the door to a row below the hole with a tie wrap to make a hinge.

Now, you will find that the door can flip up, and you can secure it with a dog snap (or two) through two of the grids. You must ensure the snaps, which we can call the ‘flicker part’ fa, citing the cage’s outside to prevent your pet from entering it. You can consider using two clips at each corner to make it more secure. I hope this will keep your pet contained in its cage and prevent it from pushing out their way because there is no room for them to wiggle through.


Accessories & Obstacles


According to the Southwest Virginia veterinary services, you should consider getting a cage with multiple levels and ramps, which offers your pet plenty of area to play & climb. Also, you will need to put some litter boxes inside their cage, and having two is better so you can switch them later with one another for proper cleanliness.

Also, many other cages already come with a complete set, which includes a removable Ramp, double or three-story units, hammock, water bottle, food bowl, caster tray, and urine guard. These kinds of cages are known to be a very suitable option for ferret owners but can be very expensive. The cage with a complete set may cost around $300-$350. However, this is just an initial cost. If you want to learn more about ‘how much does a ferret cost’ annually & monthly, consider reading this article.




I hope you have all the ideas about how much a ferret cage costs. In general, you can expect to pay around on average to get a decent cage with ample space for your ferret to climb, run, & play around. However, if you want a cage already set up and comes with all kinds of obstacles & accessories to house a ferret, be ready to pay up to 300 dollars at a time.

However, ensure you get a cage as large as possible according to your budget. After reading this article, I hope you are not concerned about how much a ferret cage is. If you have any other concerns regarding this query, never mind commenting below. We would like to know what we missed to cover in this topic and will include it in the future.

If you also want to be updated on the care & responsibility of ferrets for their well-being, consider checking my other articles on this website. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about the average ferret cage cost. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.