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How Much Do Ferrets Cost In Australia?

Australia is a great country, and Australians are fantastic people who are very social, calm, & fun to know. However, if you are also an Australian and wondering whether you can have a ferret, this article is for you. Many people want to keep ferrets as pets in many parts of Australia but often wonder ‘how much ferrets cost in Australia.’

If this is the case for you, too, you are in the right place. No matter which part you are from, this guide will help you learn the exact ferret price in different cities if you are an Australian. We will talk about where to buy ferrets in Australia and Perth. Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a house of many people and wildlife.

Therefore, if you’re wondering whether owning a ferret in Perth is illegal, this is the article for you. Thankfully, ferrets are legal in Perth, but where to buy one? If you want to learn ‘where to buy ferrets in Perth,’ stay with it. But before I tell you the best place to buy ferrets, let’s find out ‘how much ferrets cost in Australia.’


Are Ferrets Legal In Australia?


Yes, ferrets are completely legal in Australia. However, Australian broadcasting corporations suggest that ferrets will always remain illegal in Queensland & the northern territory of Australia. But you can keep them after getting a permit or license. Even though ferrets are legal to have in most cities of Australia, you must be prepared with all the necessary care, accessories, and things you need for adopting a ferret. Ferrets are very social animals who need higher maintenance than any other pets, either cats or dogs.

If you are willing to offer a lot of time & pay attention, with several hours of supervision when they exercise or play outside their cage each day, you can have a ferret in Australia. However, when you are selecting a ferret from any breeder or pet shop, make sure to check their condition.

The ferret you are adopting should have clear eyes & nose, a clean anal area & good body condition. Also, their coat should have no evidence of external parasites like fleas. After adopting a ferret, you must get it checked by your nearest veterinarian to confirm they’re healthy. Some signs of a healthy ferret include:


  1. Bright Eyes
  2. Pink Gums With No Bad Breath
  3. Clean Ears, Eyes & Nose
  4. Healthy Weight
  5. Shiny & Soft Coat
  6. Active & Playful
  7. No Signs Of Sore & Lesions On Skin


How Much Do Ferrets Cost In Australia?


In Australia, you can expect to pay around AU$78.40 to AU$500.48 as an adoption fee for a ferret. However, the average is around 100 Australian dollars. The price of ferret may vary in different cities, depending upon the availability of ferret & health conditions.

You should note that ferrets were introduced in Australia in 1880 to control the rabbit population. However, it hasn’t made any specific changes in the rabbit population. If you can keep up with their care & requirements, you can safely and legally have a ferret in Australia as a pet.

Yes, adopting a ferret requires the initial adoption fee and expenses involved around their food, accommodation, and veterinary care. We have shared an in-depth article on ‘How much do ferret vet bills cost’ to help you learn about your annual budget for veterinary care.

In addition to this, if you are struggling to know where to buy ferret food, check out this article, where we have discussed the best retail stores in Australia that offer genuine, fresh, & organic food at an affordable rate. Also, we have shared an article on how much you are likely to spend on their housing.

Check out this article: How Much Is A Ferret Cage? Coming back to the point, you must research to find the type of ferret you want because not all life animals & reproductive materials can be brought or imported into Australia. The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry prohibited the import of certain animals or species. But almost all species of ferret are legal to have in Australia.

After knowing ‘how much ferrets cost in Australia,’ you might wonder ‘where to buy ferrets in Australia.’ If this is the case, I will first advise you to check my in-depth article on ‘Where to buy ferrets,’ where you’ll learn about some reliable stores, sources, & breeders who offer ferrets as pets at a nominal adoption fee.

Coming back to the point, below again, I am giving you some reliable, credible, & authentic sources to purchase ferrets in Australia or Perth. But before that, ensure you always ask for all the necessary paperwork, health clearance certificate, & health insurance involved with adopting a ferret.

According to the Australian Veterinary Association, you must adopt a ferret that is already treated with vaccination for different diseases & viruses. Once you have all the necessary health certificates, I will advise you to get Health insurance from reliable & reputable sources. Now let’s find out ‘where to buy ferrets in Australia.’


Where To Buy Ferret In Australia?


Currently, there are over 150,000 ferrets kept as pets in Australia. You can easily adopt a ferret from a nearby Pet store but ask for a health certificate & checkup clearance. Also, you can adopt a ferret from an animal rescue organization or animal welfare Shelter at a very affordable rate.

Expect to pay around AU$75-AU$300 as an adoption fee to have a ferret. Other than this, you can also try to find one at different online sites. However, you must authenticate the source before purchasing any ferret or Pet online. Not all websites listed are legit. You should never pay any money without confirming the ferret and its parents. Also, I will highly advise you to try to visit in person & check the condition of the ferret you’re adopting.

In most cases, people neglect/forget to check the health condition of the Pet they adopt. I’m afraid that’s not right. It would be best to get a healthy ferret from a domesticated breed line. If you want to adopt one from a reliable retail Pet store, I will advise you to go with Petco.

Petco stores offer healthy ferrets, neutered, checked, vaccinated, descended, and sometimes trained for specific cases. However, if you’re wondering ‘how much a ferret is at Petcc,’ consider reading this article. We’ve also discussed ‘how much is a ferret at PetSmart’ and why it doesn’t matter now. Below is a quick example of different ferret prices in Australian dollars to give you an approximate idea of what you will be spending and what you will be getting at that rate.


Type of FerretPrice Range (AUD)
Baby ferret (kit)AU$100-AU$500
Adult ferretAU$150-AU$700
Specialty ferret (e.g., albino, hypoallergenic)AU$200-AU$1000
Rescue ferretAU$50-AU$200


You should note that the price of a ferret listed above depends upon several factors, including breed, color, age, and the location of the ferret itself. If you consider adopting one from a rescue shelter, it will cost you less than a pet store because those pets have been surrendered by their previous owner or rescued from a shelter.


Where To Buy Ferret In Perth?


If you are from Perth and looking to adopt a ferret, I will advise you to check sites like Pet City Wa or Gumtree first. Besides this, you can also check the availability of ferrets at the Western Australian Ferret & Ferreting Society situated at First Wa, Western Australia. 


But, when adopting a ferret, you should know that they usually like to live in pairs or small groups. Therefore, if you are not adopting a pair of ferrets, I will highly advise you to keep them engaged with proper companionship from you or one of your family members. Fortunately, ferrets are best suited to indoor life and are popular in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.




I hope you have all the proper knowledge on the questions: ‘How much does a ferret cost in Australia?’ and ‘Where to buy a ferret in Australia?’. I don’t think that after this article, you will have any hassle finding a legit ferret seller. Other than this, I recommend contacting local people around you & your locality to learn about a specific breeder that sells ferrets for adoption at a nominal rate.

It is always best to get a ferret that is homebred. Also, before you purchase any ferret, you must check any local rules, laws, & regulations to comply with. You don’t want to get fined, imprisoned, or face legal issues while purchasing a ferret. Also, ensure to get a proper certificate of vaccination shots, parasite treatment, health checkups, and neutering after having a pet ferret.

After reading this article, I hope you have all the information needed to know the questions ‘How much does a ferret cost in Australia?’ and ‘Where to buy a ferret in Australia?’. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing. Your share will help many people learn about the ferret and why they are provided in Queensland & the northern territory of Australia. To stay up to date with ferret care, responsibility, & requirements, check my other helpful guide on this website. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.