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9 Homemade Treats For Ferrets (Healthy, Safe & Tasty)

Like any other pet, a ferret will do anything for a treat. Even though many types of commercial streets are available for ferrets, homemade ferret treats make the best for them. But before you try to offer any homemade treats for ferrets, you should first take a minute to think about what is healthy for them & what’s their favorite.

Ferrets are known to be strictly meat eaters, meaning they need treats high in protein but low in carbs & other nutrients. Plus, the ferret digestive system isn’t designed to take fruits _ and vegetables well. Therefore, you should avoid these ingredients as much as possible. Coming back to the point, let’s find out what are nine best homemade treats for ferrets that you can prepare for your pet to enjoy 


9 Homemade Treats For Ferrets


Dehydrated Organ


If this is the first time you are offering your ferret a treat, I highly recommend you start with the dehydrated organs of chickens. However, pay attention to what organs you are feeding to your ferret. According to the Raw Feeding Advice And Support, it is good to feed them a treat that consists of half liver, & half other organs like kidney, brain, gizzards, reproductive organs, etc.

Plus, the Veterinary Nurse suggests that organ meats are not a completely balanced diet for your ferrets. So, they should be fed occasionally as a treat only. Organ meat is considered high in Phosphorus but deficient in calcium, which may cause secondary secondary hyperparathyroidism in ferrets if fed in high amounts. However, feeding ferrets with chicken liver is a good idea as an occasional treat.


Cooked Eggs


Another great treat that you can feed to your ferret is eggs. Eggs contain a healthy amount of protein & fat, which makes an ideal snack for your pet. Also, eggs contain Vitamin D. However, the Holistic Ferret Forum suggests that you should never feed your ferret more than the equivalent of one whole chicken egg per ferret per week.

Plus, if you feed cooked eggs as a food or part of their diet, it should be no more than 2-3 eggs per ferret per week. You can also consider making a quick recipe of homemade ferret treats using diced pieces of chicken, whole egg, & some catnips.




As the Mayne Vets suggest, your pet ferret can always eat poultry meat in a cooked or raw form. However, if you are feeding raw chicken meat to your ferret, make sure to offer them a fresh one. Also, you don’t have to worry about the bones because they like to chew on them.

You can also consider offering your pet chicken bones solely as a treat because it’s a great source of calcium & minerals. In addition, chicken wings as treats are also good can. PetMD suggests that you can also feed your ferret with chicken baby food as a supplement.




According to the Veterinary Partner ‘VIN,’ ferrets should also be fed a diet that contains 15-30% fat but is low in fiber. When we say that, the first thing that comes to our mind is pork. However, not all parts of pork are healthy for your pet. As a treat, I will advise you to look for some pork and pork belly.

However, Holistic Ferret Forum suggests avoiding feeding your ferret’s stomach and focusing solely on the meaty part of the pork belly. Sometimes, bacon works great as a fatty piece of treat. If you live in Canada or the US especially, you can feed pork to your ferret as they are heavily monitored and completely safe (except for wild boars). However, I advise you to avoid feeding your ferret with packaged pork as it may contain salt or sugar.




As petMD suggests, some of the good treats include bits of turkey. Any part of Turkey safe for human consumption can also be used as a ferret diet. Recently, we have also shared an in-depth article on homemade ferret food that you can offer your pet in case you run out of kibbles or commercial foods. Whether to feed them raw or cooked, ferrets can & digest both raw & cooked food. Also, they love turkey hearts, gizzards & livers, which can be fed as a treat to your ferret.




According to the Whiteman County Humane Society, venison is also acceptable as a treat for your ferret. Many people have tried introducing venison to their ferret in raw soup to encourage the ferret to eat it. Also, venison is a great source of protein that ferrets require. Since a ferret needs a diet that is low in fat & cholesterol, venison is healthy for your pet.

Also, venison tends to be very rich in iron, which is very good & healthy for your ferret blood cells. Besides this, it also promotes better functioning of the nervous system in the ferret due to its healthy amount of vitamin B12. However, it’s worth noting that some ferrets can be allergic to venison, and if your pet exhibits worrisome symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing, stop feeding venison and contact your veterinarian promptly. On the other hand, if your ferret is doing fine on venison, always offer them fresh ones without additives/preservatives. Also, venison should never exceed 10% of your ferret’s daily intake, and it is best as supplementary food or treats.


Beef Lungs


Many people feel concerned about beef lungs for ferrets, but you must know that it is healthy if you have access to beef lungs; it’s a good thing to feed your ferret as an occasional treat. However, the Holistic Ferret Forum suggests offering only a small portion of the lung or a portion of the boneless muscle content.

Feeding the beef lung raw to your ferret provides good nutrients to your pet, like vitamin B12, vitamin C, iron & selenium. Also, you can consider feeding red meat because beef isn’t poisonous to ferrets. Due to its high protein content and 72-80% muscle meat, it is fairly best for your ferret. 




You can consider feeding your ferret with duck soup, especially if your pet’s appetite seems very poor or your pet feels very unhealthy/sick. According to the Merck Veterinary Hospital, if your ferret is healthy, it may also sleep up to 18 hours a day while exhibiting other symptoms of high spirits or simply good health.

Ducks are a very good source of vitamins & minerals that contribute to your pet’s overall health. Some essential nutrients you are ferret will likely benefit from include vitamin B12, iron, & zinc. If this is the first time you feed duck as treats to your ferrets, introduce it gradually, ensuring maximum safety & nutritional value.


Goat Milk


If your ferret is very young or a baby, you can also consider feeding your pet with goat’s milk as a treat. The advantage of feeding a baby ferret with goat milk is that it contains lower lactose content than any other regular milk. However, good milk is only acceptable as a treat and shouldn’t be fed as a sole diet. Talking about the meat & bones of a goat, ferrets cannot eat the bones of an animal as large as a goat.

However, you can always use the muscle meat as your ferret meal or treat. Plus, Raw Feeding Advise And Support suggest that a minimum of 4 protein must be fed year-round to your ferret, and one must come from red meat like goat, lamb, venison, or beef. Well, you can feed all of these from time to time as a treat to your pet for taste enjoyment & diverse nutritional content.


Can You Feed Fruits or Vegetables As Treats To Ferret?


No. Oxbow Animal Health suggests avoiding offering your ferret any fruit, vegetable, or dairy item as a treat or meal. Ferrets lack became, which is responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates found in vegetables & fruits through the action of bacteria. Since your ferret is not well equipped to digest plant-based food, it’s best to avoid feeding them, not even as a treat.




I hope now you have a good idea of some of the best homemade treats for ferrets that can be fed while ensuring they’re healthy & enjoying. After reading this article, I hope you have an idea about what treats you should be feeding to your ferret & at what amount. If you find this article helpful, I will advise you to share it.

Many people learn about the best homemade treats for ferrets that they can enjoy all year round in a moderate amount. Treat is undoubtedly an important part of ferret’s training to reward their good behavior. If you like this article, consider checking my other helpful guides on homemade foods and ferret items.

We have also mentioned many Homemade remedies for ferret health issues on this website. If you have any other healthy treat that you have been feeding to your ferret, let me know below in the comment section. We want to add your favorite treat to this article so other pet ferrets can enjoy it. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.