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7 Easy Homemade Ferret Toys

If you are a proud ferret owner, you might be looking for toys to keep your pet engaged & mentally stimulated. Undoubtedly, ferrets are very playful companions who love to play, hide, & chase. Also, they tend to be very curious and love digging.

Therefore, in this article, I will share some of the 11 best homemade ferret toys to keep your pet engaged for hours and mentally stimulated. As Winter Park Veterinary Hospital suggests, ferrets are considered mischievous and naturally curious, with a taste for adventure. That’s why I came up with some of the best homemade DIY ferret toys that your pet is going to love & spend hours playing with. So, let’s find some of the best homemade ferret toys without wasting time.


7 Easy Homemade Ferret Toys


Cardboard Box Mazes


While researching, I learned about Sherry, the administrator of Holistic Ferret Proboards, recommending cardboard box mazes. Ferrets are known to love these cardboard Boxes with different-shaped holes cut out. Believe it or not, your pet will think of themselves as a mole when popping out of the different holes. To make a cardboard maze, you need a bunch of smaller boxes & cut holes in them. After cutting the holes appropriate for your ferret’s size, tape them together. 


Another thing that you can consider as a toy for your ferret is a basic drinks box. Also, it’s quite similar to cardboard mazes, as mentioned. You can consider using soda, food, or other alcohol boxes. Just get a bunch of boxes of your choice and open both ends of several boxes together. After that, connect those boxes to form a tunnel. However, make sure to make some holes in it. 


Dig Box


Another great choice for homemade ferret toys is said to be a dig box. According to the Humane Society of Chittenden County, ferret loves to dig & burrow. Making a dig box for your ferret is a fun and inexpensive way to provide hours of enrichment.

Also, there are many ways to make a dig box for your ferret, but I recommend ping-pong balls. However, many safe materials can be used to make your ferret dog box. Some of the great examples that you can use to make a ferret dog box are as follows:


  1. Sand 
  2. Raked Leaves 
  3. Shredded Newspaper
  4. Soil 
  5. Crinkled Up Paper 
  6. Ping Pong Balls 
  7. Plastic Easter Eggs 
  8. Long Grain Non-Sticky Rice 
  9. Dried Beans


Jeremy Boggles shares a great example of making a big box for a ferret using a plastic box & putting some rice in it.


Sock Toys


As the Ferretwhisperer suggests, you can also consider using old socks to make a simple & entertaining toy for your pet. Also, it is quite easy to make. According to, you need an old sock and put some large jingles inside. However, it is important to pay attention to the material of the jingle bell and ensure it’s not made up of plastic that is easy to chew.

Also, the Jungle bells should be large enough to prevent your pet from swallowing them. Either you can consider putting the ball in the shock or tie a knot in it and toss it on the floor to watch your pet batting her junglee sock balls around the house with joy. For extra mental estimation, I will advise you to consider placing some wrinkled paper inside it, too. Also, you must make several sock toys and rotate them to keep your pet mentally engaged & entertained.


Cardboard Wagon


Also, you can consider making a cardboard wagon because the ferret loves the thrills of wagon rides. It’s quite easy to make using a large shoe box. Alternatively, consider a large cardboard box and pierce one end of the box while threading a shoelace through the hole. That’s it, and watch your ferret performing war dance as you drag them around the room. However, be careful with the sharp turn to prevent them from flying out.


Pipe Slide


If you want to take your ferret entertainment to a new level, consider slides. Just visit a nearby hardware ferret and purchase a smooth PVC pipe. As per VCA Hospital, PVC pipes are okay as toys for ferrets. Make sure it has at least 4 to 5 inches of diameter and a section about 5 feet long.

Getting a shorter section will be very steep for your ferret to slide. Indeed, the ferret will take some time to figure out this toy. Therefore, I will advise you to consider positioning the pipe, ensuring one end is lying against a couch or similar thing while the other reaches the floor. Once your ferret catches on, it is going to be their favorite. But, if your pet doesn’t seem to be figuring out how to play with it, you can put their head in first to let them know what this is.


DIY Ferret Tunnel System / Wall


Another homemade toy for ferrets that you can consider making using solid PVC pipe is a DIY ferret tunnel wall. As per Oathall Vets, ferrets love climbing, and tunnels connected & hunger provide lots of fun to them. You need to get a proper-sized solid PVC pipe from any hardware ferret and make holes along the front of each pipe.

Depending upon how you would like to decorate the pipes, paint them and put some wrinkled paper inside for better mental stimulation. Also, you will have to make the tunnel curves. To do that, you can cut the flexible plastic pipes that are strong enough to resist the chewing behavior of ferrets but similar to the size required for the tunnel curves and attach all the pieces with the PVC connectors and duct tape. You can consider hanging these on the walls of an area where ferrets spend most of their time.




Another great idea for a homemade ferret toy is a swing. The type of Swing that you can make is up to you. Vet Times says ferrets behave like excitable puppies who love swinging platforms. However, I highly recommend you ensure that your swing is deep enough to prevent your ferret fromwinglling out or getting injured.

Also, it should have enough room for your ferret to move around. You can consider using a large plastic dome-shaped plowing and attaching a chain to make a swing. Alternatively, you can also consider using a square wooden box where you make some drill holes to attach the rope and hang it. Few people have also found effective swinging fun for their ferrets using a wicker basket. I recommend adding some leaves or bedding materials for better mental stimulation, making it even more fun.


3 Other Homemade Toys For Ferrets


Pants / Sweats / Jeans


According to the Manitoba Ferret Association, another great homemade toy is considered to be your pants. Alternatively, you can consider wearing sweats or jeans because ferret loves tunnels, and they will feel entertained crawling through the leg of your pants. They also love to sleep in old sweatshirts, and the arms serve as great mini tunnels. So never mind, give your old sweatshirts to them.


Wiffle Ball 


Per the Winter Park Veterinary Hospital, ferrets love to play with small toys, just like children. That said, another device toy that you could consider making for your ferret to keep them engaged and easy to make is a wiffle ball foraging toy filled with snacks.

It provides some mental stimulation to your pet and motivates them to spend hours enjoying treats or fruits. You must purchase a wiffle ball from a nearby local toy shop and put some treats in it. Alternatively, you can put other ferrets’ safe snacks inside the wiffle ball and let your pet figure out how to get to them. I will highly advise you to avoid using any treat that isn’t safe for your pet. To know the best treat, check my guide on 3 of my pet’s favorite homemade ferret treats.


Crinkle Sack


Lastly, a ferret crinkle sack is another great DIY toy for a ferret. You need scissors and a sewing machine to crinkle paper or fabric scraps. However, I highly advise you to avoid making this toy if you don’t have any sewing experience, which is required for this toy.

However, if you have, you must sew a few fabric scraps together and make a small sack. Also, you need to line it with crinkle paper, and that’s it. You can easily find commercial crinkle paper safe for your ferret, or bubble wrap will also work. Few people have also used old shipping envelopes & other materials that wrinkle easily.


Ferret Playground: One Of My Favourite DIY Ferret Toys


You can also consider making handmade ferret playground houses with 2-3-level castles. Also, it would be best to consider putting some ramps, steps, bridges, and multiple entry & exit points. According to Burgess Pet Care, ferrets cannot see much detail beyond a few feet & judge height better.

Hence, For the rooftop, I will have you recommend that you make sure it is cushioned and not high enough for your pet to get injured by falling. They will love playing and popping out of the opening. Also, they love climbing and enjoy the thrill of discovery.

This toy will require hours of work and lots of effort. However, this toy works great when you have multiple ferrets in your home. Ferret playground houses seem to be a great way to keep them engaged, chasing, playing, and interacting with each other. They may even take a nap in comfort when tired out of playing.




Now, I hope you have some basic ideas on making a few of the best homemade ferret toys that your pet will love and feel mentally stimulated for hours. All the toys mentioned above are completely safe for your ferret and don’t require much effort, except for the playhouse we recommended above.

If you have any other toy that can keep our beloved companion engaged, mentally stimulated, and entertained for hours, let me know below in the comment section. In this article, we want to add that to make it more important and helpful for other ferret owners looking for homemade toys for ferrets.

If you find this article helpful, consider sharing it. Check my other helpful guides on homemade products that are 100% safe for your ferret and easy to make for your pets ‘ well-being. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.