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7 Best Cat Litter For Ferrets: Avoid These 5 & Consider These Factors

Maybe you have a cat & ferret at home or are having difficulty finding a litter for your ferrets. If you are wondering, ‘Can you use regular cat litter for ferrets,’ this is the article for you. Here, we’ll discuss ‘what kind of cat litter is safe for ferrets’ and recommend the seven best for ferrets.

But before, it’s important to consider a few factors first for your ferret’s safety & health. Not all types of cat litter are safe for ferrets. You might wonder, ‘Can you use crystal cat litter for a ferret?’ without knowing the risks. Hence, we’ll also discuss a few unsafe litters for ferrets that pose health threats. But before I tell you the best cat litter for ferrets, let’s first start with learning ‘can use regular cat litter for ferrets.’


Can You Use Regular Cat Litter For Ferrets?


You can use regular cat litter for ferrets, depending on its type. Few types are more suitable for them compared to others that pose health risks. Ferrets are prone to respiratory problems, so choosing a dust-free litter is important. Also, the MSD Veterinary Manual suggests avoiding clumpy cat litter, which may cause respiratory issues in ferrets. So, the question is, ‘What kind of cat litter is safe for ferrets?’.


What Kind Of Cat Litter Is Safe For Ferrets?

  • According to Holistic Ferret Forum, corn-based cat litter is quite safe for ferrets and works efficiently at odor control while offering clumping for easier cleaning than others. Alternatively, you can also consider wheat-based cat litter derived from natural & renewable sources.
  • As per the American Ferret Association, you can also use wood pellet cat litter for ferrets as these are 100% safe & good absorbent.
  • Regarding the most absorbent one, consider checking on sawdust litter, which offers the best odor control with its efficient absorbent capabilities.
  • Winter Park Veterinary Hospital suggests using any variety of pellet litter for the ferrets as these are safe for their respiratory system. Lastly, another great cat litter that you can use is recycled paper. Also, Bartels Busack Pet Hospital suggests recycled paper products as the best lining material for ferrets.


Note: According to the American Ferret Association, newspapers & puppy pads are great alternatives for cat litter, which also work efficiently at odor control, 


Can You Use Crystal Cat Litter For Ferrets?


No, you shouldn’t use crystal cat litter for a ferret as it can cause infection & irritation if your pet inhales. Also, a Reddit user, CShan17, shared that crystal cat litter is unsafe for ferrets’ bodies & respiratory systems, especially if it touches their genitals, causing infections. 


Also, some of the worst cat litter that you can ever provide to your ferret are as follows:


  • According to Petco, you must avoid sand-based cat litter as pet ferrets are known to snorkel often. Sniffing the sand may cause sand clotting in your pet’s sinus passages, sometimes requiring veterinary attention or surgery.
  • Another cat litter you must avoid is this scented and oily one for ferrets.
  • Another cat litter commonly used for cats, and many ferret owners consider using, is corn cob litter. Avoid corn cob as it can be very dusty and contain molds, leading to intestinal problems if your ferret ingests it accidentally.
  • Another cat litter that you must avoid is clumping & clay. According to the National Institutes of Health, this type of Litter is known to cause breathing problems in ferrets because of its dust. Ferrets are known to shove their nose into the litter box, which may result in cake in the nostrils. It may also dry your ferret coat.
  • Lastly, avoid silica-based cat litter as it may result in trauma to the respiratory system in ferrets.


5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Cat Litter For Ferrets 


  • Texture: Ferrets like softer Litter, like recycled paper, rather than rough ones, like crystal or sand litter.
  • Nontoxic Materials: Choose a litter made up of nontoxic materials & doesn’t contain any clumping agent that may threaten ferrets if ingested.
  • Dust-Free: Since ferrets are susceptible to respiratory issues, choose a 100% dust-free litter to ensure your pets’ safety & health.
  • Cost & Availability: Always choose the one available in offline ferrets & online to avoid running too far to buy one in an emergency.
  • Odour Control: Always get a litter that comes with baking soda or contains activated carbon to absorb your ferret’s stinky Poop smell and control it efficiently to keep your home here fresh


Also, you can consider installing an air purifier to control ferret odor. We have shared an in-depth article on the best air purifier for ferret odor control.


3 Best Cat Litter For Ferrets


Fresh News Recycled Paper Pellet Cat Litter


As told earlier, ferrets like soft material litter to Poop on. Hence, this will be one of your ferret’s favorite Litter as it comes with better quality and is rolled tighter. Also, it contains the least litter dust, which is only present at the bottom of the bag. Since you need to change the Litter of ferrets constantly & daily, you might find it a bit expensive.

For a few users, this was putting a deep hole in their pocket. But this one will work best for your ferret. The best thing about this company is that it works for non-profit organizations and collects used paper. Also, it is America, so you shouldn’t mind much spending on this Litter.




  • Easy Scooping & Cleaning: Users, including Steph, found this Litter easy to keep, scoop, and replace. It would be best to do it once daily and thoroughly clean it by emptying the litter box to wipe it down weekly.
  • Best For Spot Cleaning: Another thing that a couple of users have mentioned about this product is the age of spot cleaning. Users like Shon mention that this Litter absorbs urine quite well and changes to a dark color to help clean spots efficiently.
  • Affordable & Control Odor: Many users, including Julia and Anthony, find this Litter very affordable and efficient in keeping the smell down for at least a week. Not only it’s easy to dump out, but it also absorbs & locks in ammonia incredibly well.
  • Best For Different Pets: Not only for cats and five ferrets, but also doctorowl suggests that this makes up fantastic Litter for rabbits, rats, and even Birds because it’s great for their sensitive respiratory system.
  • Good To Use Long-Term: Since this Litter is made from recycled paper, you’ll not mind using it long-term. Users like Annelise and Susan have used this Litter for their ferrets for over two years.



  • If we compare this to other pellet litter types, recycled paper litter is less absorbent. Plus, users like Sarah, RN, complain about this litter pellet being shiny or coated in something, which might be accounting for the absorbency issue.
  • Not Well Priced: Surprisingly, a user, Kelley, found this Litter more affordable at a pet shop. Since Amazon can be a bit pricey, you should wait to order until it’s on sale.




As I told you in the above section, you should always avoid cat litter that is scented or oily. Considering that, this one seems very safe for ferrets and works great. You will be scooping like a dream while noticing little to no smell of your ferret. When you scoop the Litter, you will likely smell my mild earthly but otherwise unnoticeable in your house. Also, few users appreciate this Litter being flushable with zero tracking. This is very true because this Litter is 100% corn-based.




  • Best For Ferret Urine & Poo: Many ferret owners, including TB & Kimberley, found this Litter soaking up ferret pee and drying up their Poop fairly well.
  • Last Longer: As suggested by NCisBeautiful, you should try this letter because it will last very long because of its absorbent capability and nature of clumping the Poop much smaller. While having this Litter, you will find the clumping very tightly with hardly any small bits or break away when scooping.
  • Best Than Most Litter: Most litter cat litter types available tend to have some smell. However, Michelle suggests this Litter works fairly well without a strong ammonia smell compared to clay.




  • Some May Not Like: Fee ferret owners like Moni found their pets not like this Litter at all, even after trying the whole gradual change.
  • Not 100% Environment Friendly: Unfortunately, the company fails to convince ferret owners that it is 100% environmentally friendly no matter how much they tout about it. However, I find it 100% environmentally friendly, except for the big huge plastic bag it comes in. I guess this is what users have counted on.
  • Bad Quality: When I read the owners’ review, Kate complained about the quality declining over the past few years after using it. According to her, the most recent bag is turning sand-like in a matter of days.


Ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter Mini-Pellets


Since ferrets are known to avoid covering their pee & poo, this is the one to go with. This wood-clumping cat litter does better in clumping into tight balls. You will find scooping away the Litter like a breeze with nothing stuck to your scoop.




  • Low Dust: According to users like AmazonGirl & Lilbitsva, this one has minimal dist, which is bad for ferrets.
  • Control Odour: This cat litter is also very effective in controlling ferret odor. Also, a user, Alexis, suggests that you don’t have to clean the Litter for about two weeks as the smell will be pleasant, even after your pet uses it.
  • Non-Sticky: Another great advantage of this Litter that few users, including Tracy Meyer and Marilyn, appreciate is it doesn’t stick to the litter pan & scoop.


4 More That Are Worth Mentioning


Best Cat Litter For FerretsProsCons
So Phresh Paper Pellets LitterRecycled paper pellets effectively control odor as they contain baking soda.None
sWheat Scoop Natural Wheat Multi-Cat LitterAs suggested by Stephanie Hawk, this will keep the use of air purifiers at a minimum because this will make their space less smelly.Dusty & sticks to the litter box’s bottom 
SmartCat All Natural Clumping Cat LitterThis does clump well and gives you a lightweight, easy scooping experience. Fails to absorb odors effectively
Feline Pine Non-Clumping Cat LitterThis one works fairly well for free-roam ferrets. Katheryne Puentes suggests that it’s absorbing & deteriorates when ferrets urinate.Pellets break down quickly and turn into dust.




I hope you have an idea of some of the best cat litter for ferrets that you can use to keep the odor down, and it will require minimal scooping. As mentioned in this article, it’s necessary to avoid unsafe cat litter. I have given my best to give you all the information on what cat litter you can use for your ferret to prevent any intestinal problems or respiratory issues that occur when using crystal, sand, or silica-based Litter.

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn what Litter to use and the seven best car litter for ferrets. To stay updated with ferret care & requirements for your pet’s well-being and long life, consider checking my other articles. See you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye.