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5 Best Salmon Oil For Ferrets: Risk, Benefits, How Much & Often?

Hey there, are you looking for supplements that you can add to your ferret diet? If yes, then you might consider salmon oil. If this is the case, here, we are going to talk about some of the best Salmon oil for ferrets, along with the dosage, benefits, & and disadvantages. We will also share what other people experience when giving each of the salmon oils mentioned in this article.

We have extensively researched different brands of salmon oil that can be fed to your ferret and have proven to benefit them. But before I tell you the best Salmon oil for ferrets, let’s consider, ‘Is salmon oil good for ferrets?’ If yes, ‘How much Salmon oil for ferrets?’ and ‘How often should I give my ferrets salmon oil.’ We will also discuss ‘what Salman oil does for ferrets’ and ‘what happens if you feed your ferret too much salmon oil.’ So, without wasting time, let’s begin.


Is Salmon Oil Good For Ferrets?


Since our beloved friend ferrets need a die that contains high amounts of protein & fat, you can feed salmon oil to oil to provide both of these nutrients. Also, the British Association for Shooting Conservation claims that salmon oil can be a great treat & supplement that all ferrets enjoy. However, feeding salmon oil to ferrets in moderation is important as too much poses health risks like gastrointestinal discomfort & stomach upset such as diarrhea.


What Does Salmon Oil Do For Ferrets?


According to the Holistic Ferret Forum, Salmon oil is one of the best supplements you can offer to your pet and can be mixed with other medicines. Since Salmon oil is rich in Omega 6 and omega three fatty acids, it will promote healthy skin & coat in ferrets. Also, it has many heart & brain benefits for your pet too. 


5 Salmon Oil Benefits For Ferrets ll


Some of the advantages of giving Salmon oil supplement to ferret are as follow:


  • Salmon oil is said to be beneficial for ferret skin & coat, adding shine. 
    • If your ferret is suffering from dry & itchy skin, Salmon oil can be a beneficial addition to your pet’s diet. 
  • You can use Salmon oil as a treat if your pets accept the taste and like it, especially when you need some distraction during nail clipping or ear cleaning. 
  • According to the Fikacafe, Salmon oil rich in omega fatty acids is also beneficial for your ferret heart & brain.
  • Salmon oil can be mixed in the diet with ferretone and virgin olive oil, as well as in homemade ferret treats & homemade ferret foods. You can also serve it as a treat if your ferret accepts the taste.


What Happens If You Feed Your Ferret Too Much Salmon Oil?


Feeding a ferret too much Salmon oil can cause soft stool or diarrhea. In addition, too much Salmon oil fed to a ferret may result in blood thinning. And, if your ferret is administered under blood thinning medication, it will increase the risk of bleeding out. Corydon Animal Hospital warns against too much fish oil mixed in food, causing plaque & Tartar buildup on your ferret’s teeth. Some of the additional disadvantages of feeding too much Salmon oil to ferrets are as follows:


3 Risks Of Feeding Too Much


  • If your pet is already injured, they may suffer from higher blood loss when fed a high Salmon oil.
  • Since Salmon oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, it might interfere with your ferret’s normal inflammatory response of the body when given access.
  • It’s important to be cautious of the brand you choose when purchasing Salmon oil because many come with contaminants like heavy metals. You don’t want to expose your pet to heavy metals like mercury or chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls, often found in many fish.


How Much Salmon Oil For Ferrets?


Holistic Ferrets suggests we provide one tablespoon of Salman oil spread over the week. Also, a senior Holistic Ferret Proboard, Blue member started with a 50— 50 mixture of Salmon oil with ferret one and then ⅔-⅓, 75-25 to get her pet used to lick it. However, Celene, the Holistic Mentor, suggests avoiding introducing ferretone unless your pet already has it. 


How Often Should I Give My Ferrets Salmon Oil?


A Reddit user, manicpixie, found the recommended dosage is 1-2 daily, and max tsp per week on the bottle she bought from a vet-run ferrets shop on Etsy. Sherry, an administrator of a Holistic Ferret Forum, gives her pet 1/ 2 tsp of Salman oil every third day. On the other hand, the mjbez suggests only giving ¼ tsp daily if your pet is about 2.5 lb. 


5 Best Salmon Oils for Ferrets


Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil


This one is one of the best Salmon oils that work fairly well when you groom your pet or clip its nails. Even though this product has been specifically designed for cats & dogs, many users have fed this Salman oil to their ferrets, too. Be cautious about your ferret eating habits because if your pet is very picky, they may not like it. According to Sandy and Weesel, their ferrets won’t even touch it. We can say that some critters can be very demanding. But you can try this product and introduce it to your pet to find out whether they like it. 




  • Many users’ ferrets have loved it, making it easy for their owners to trim and groom their nails. I can say that it works as intended, but it depends on your pet’s liking. 
  • Many ferret owners like Kristina Campbell  & other Amazon customers found their pets’ coats to be extremely great & look amazing after adding this product to their diet.
  • According to the manufacturer, this premium Selvan oil is in Omega 3 & Omega 6 from EPA and DHA, making it best for ferrets’ skin & coat.




  • After feeding your pet, you should ferret it properly and be careful about lids, as they seem weak and may leak even on light damage. 
  • Also, users like this Amazon Customer have complained about the pump, which sometimes didn’t work. Also, it’s not common to find defective pumps in products like this, but it isn’t very pleasant to encounter one when purchasing.


Grizzly Wild Salmon Oil


This great Salmon oil product contains at least 29% Omega 3 and has good ratings from ferret owners. Compared to otherwise, this product is five easy to use & dispense. However, the taste or flavor of this Omega 3 supplement may not be very attractive for your pet. I recommend you consider mixing it with your ferret diet or treats. It’s a good product with high levels of DHA and EPA, but all pets may not like it. Some of the pros & cons of this product are as follows:




  • Many users, including Pandora, found their ferret coats getting Softer and fluffier after using this product. Also, Alvaro Venegas ferrets always head over heels for this Salman oil and benefit from shinier & healthier coats.
  • Most ferrets like this Salman oil when we mix it with their treats or duck soups, as Bethany Hale did. You can also try adding a squirt of this product to your ferret kibble, as suggested by Theresa Schulz, to find out if your ferret likes it.
  • This product seems healthier than most mass-market ferret products.




  • According to Jessica M & Theresa Schulz, the smell of this Salman oil is very strong & fishy, which might make you gag when dispensing.
  • If you want bonding snacks, this can be very runny to apply to your skin.


Vital Pet Life Salmon Oil


This product is great for ferrets suffering from itchy skin. In addition, you can consider putting a dab of the Salmon oil on your pet’s belly when cutting the toenails. Of course, this product will also make your entire room smell like a fishery when dispensed, but it is only temporary, just like any other Salmon oil.

If you have installed an air purifier, the smell of Salmon oil shouldn’t be a cause of concern. However, if you don’t have one, consider checking my article on the best air purifiers for ferret odor. If this is your pet’s first time having Salman oil, I recommend drizzling some on top of his food. Also, this product comes with the option to choose from a drip top or a pump. I will highly advise you to go for the drip top to have better control when you use it for your ferret.




  • Few users have successfully found this Salmon oil to be a great treat for training their pets.
  • If your ferret scratches a lot, you can be considered to offer this salmon oil as suggested by Tiffany. According to her, her pet got less itchy but a shiner & softer coat.
  • As per Pam Bourdeau, this can be the best if you are looking for a good distraction for your ferret nail clipping session without any second-person help. Also, Morgan suggests using this product as a good food topper or medicine chaser.




  • According to Samantha Nicole, ensure you don’t spill this because it can stain and be very hard to get out. I will advise you to keep this product out of your clothing, especially your favorite words.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to ferretone, this is not as good as you might think.
  • Sharayah Arnold suggests that this product may drip down the sides, which can be very frustrating/annoying.


Note: The other two worth mentioning are LEGITPET Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil & SavvyBeast Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon.




I hope now you have enough information on some of the best Salmon oil for ferrets that you can use. I have also provided you with proper knowledge on how often & how much to use, along with the consequences of giving your ferret too much Salmon oil.

Remember that moderation is key, and you should only provide 1 tsp of Salmon oil spread over the week, either mixed in the diet or as a separate treat when grooming them. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many ferret owners looking for the best Salmon oil for ferrets to keep their pets’ coats shinier, thicker & fluffier.

Overall, the Salmon oil mentioned in this article has already been tested by many ferret owners & reported as the best in the market compared to most available. However, when offering any Salmon Oil, consider your pet’s reaction; some can be very picky or allergic to fish oil. To stay updated on ferret care & requirements that are necessary to keep them healthy, happy, and live long, check my other helpful guides on this website. See you in the next post, till then, take care, and goodbye.