Minimizing Ferret Odors: Tips to Combat Natural Stink

If you are having issues with your ferret, you might be looking for some homemade ferret deodorizer. If this is the case, I will share some of the best homemade ferret deodorizer recipes for their body odor, cage smell, and carpet odor. Ferrets have a natural musky odor that they often use for territorial marking.

Since there are many commercially available deodorizers for ferrets, people often get confused about the best & the worst. Also, many people are looking for homemade ferret deodorizers. But before I tell you what those are, it’s important to understand why ferrets stink.


Why Do Ferrets Stink?


If your ferret stinks a lot, there is a new possibility that your pet is not descended. According to Oxford Animal Health, most commercially available ferrets for adoption as pets in the United States are said to be descended. But if your ferret is not descended, you will have to consider the surgical procedure of removing their anal gland, which is typically responsible for emitting a musky odor.

If you don’t get your pet descended, it will emit a lot of foul odor, making it hard for many owners to live around their pets. However, you should know that the descended ferret will still likely have scent glands in their skin, which you cannot remove. Hence, the descended procedure will not fully make your ferrets scentless. That said, if your ferret is already descended, and you’re looking to know some of the best homemade deodorizers for ferrets, here are three of the best ones.


3 Homemade Ferret Deodorizer Recipes


Rice Dig Box (Tackle Body Odour)


First of all, make sure that your ferret is descended. If yes, you can make a rice dig box for your pet, making them smell good when they come out. According to Linsul, a member of Holistic Ferret Proboards, you need half a teaspoon of vanilla in 40 pounds of rice when making a dig box for your ferret.

Making a big box for your ferret is very easy. You must find the large cardboard box and put some rice in it. A teaspoon of vanilla must be mixed with the rice before you add it to the dig box. Vanilla rice dig boxes are a good scent stimulation for your ferrets, providing a lot of play time for pets.

Since they are very playful, a dig box will help you greatly in the long run by removing their body odor while providing some mental stimulation. Also, suggests that dig boxes help decrease a ferret’s anxiety & prevent destructive behavior.


Lemon & Baking Soda Spray ( Best For Cage & Accessories Odour)


Besides the body order, you must also pay attention to the smell emitted from their habitat/cage. Since ferret is likely to spend a lot of time in their cage, bedding, and playpen, you will need a deodorizer for that, too. To tackle those smells, you can use a slice of Lemon and gently simmer it on the stove in water for a few hours.

Alternatively, you can take oranges instead of lemons and simmer them on low flame in water until the slices look ready to fall apart. When it’s ready, you need to add some baking soda and wait for the baking soda to dissolve properly. Once the baking soda dissolves properly, strain it into any spray bottle and use it to clean their cage.

Also, you can consider spraying a light mist on your ferret scent glance. People have also used this spray in between baths of the ferret. There is a huge chance that your ferret isn’t going to mind at all when sprayed. Per PetsWelcome, using baking soda to control order in your ferret cage is 100% safe. You can even put baking soda on the bottom of your ferret cage and cover it with the bedding to ensure odor control. 


Note: Animal World Facts suggest that bicarbonate, like baking soda, is not toxic in accidental ingestion for ferrets but can be dangerous when ingested in high amounts.


Vinegar & Baking Soda Solution (For Carpet & Clothing)


The carpet or the liner of your ferret cage will also have some ferret order in it. You can consider the spray above to remove that odor from the carpet. However, an effective solution is made from vinegar and baking soda, which helps remove ferret odor.

You need one cup of distilled water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and one teaspoon of baking soda. Mix all these items to form a solution and use it on your ferret carpet & other clothing that emits a strong musky odor due to the ferret. Many people use essential oils around their pet environment, which is not good.

According to the American Ferret Association, all kinds of essential oils are known to pose risks and should never be used around your pet ferret. According to the Sacred Smoke Herbal, A ferret can suffer from serious health issues, including organ failure and death in severe cases (more likely if ingested.

You should never attempt to use any essential oil around your ferret for their well-being. However, if you still want to use essential oil, Winter Park Veterinary Hospital suggests using lavender essential oil only, which carries a calming effect and can be put into the water solution of a spray bottle.

However, if your ferret starts to pant or exhibit any symptoms, stop using it and contact your veterinarian to let them know about your pet’s condition. Even though lavender is not listed as unsafe for your ferret, it’s best to avoid caution when using it. 


Note: Even after using all the homemade ferret deodorizers, if you are wondering ‘why my house smells like a ferret’ and ‘how to get rid of ferret odor in rooms, below are a few additional tips on ‘how to reduce ferret smell.’


5 Tips On How To Reduce Ferret Smell In A Room


  • You must pay attention to keeping your ferret habitat clean using the best homemade ferret cage cleaner.
  • Ensure you are providing your ferret with the proper nutrition they need because they’re strictly meat eaters, and their diets must contain a huge portion of meaty food. According to the Veterinary Partner (VIN), their diet must contain 30-35 % protein and 15-20% fat. Avoid fiber as well as carbohydrates for your ferret. We have shared a few guides on homemade ferret food, treats, and the best cat foods for ferrets that are 100% safe.
  • Consider installing an air purifier in the room where the ferret spends most of its time. We have shared an article on some of the ‘best air purifiers for ferret odor.’
  • Your ferret grooming is also necessary, which prevents odor, too. Once a month, it would be best to consider bathing your ferret using homemade ferret shampoo and cleaning its ear with it.
  • Also, please pay attention to cleaning their bedding weekly and your pet’s litter box daily. Ensure you are using the appropriate type of litter specially formulated for the ferret. Check my guide on some of the ‘best ferret litter for odor control’ and ‘best cat litter for ferrets.’


Note: Any product or homemade solution will not work effectively if your ferret is not descended. Hence, make sure to get them neutered & descended. To know about cost, check my guide on ferret neutering cost, which also talks about expenses in descending a pet. Or, check ‘How much do ferret vet bills cost’ to get a rough idea of the budget you need.




I hope you have a good idea of some of the best homemade ferret deodorizer recipes you can use to control your ferret odor in a room where they spend most of their time. All the solutions mentioned above are 100% safe to be used around your pet. Managing your ferret odor is not tough as long as you pay attention to your pet’s grooming, cleanliness of their cage & items, and feeding an appropriate diet.

After reading this article, I hope you can treat your ferret’s stinky odor and feel fresh around them. If you have any other solution that can be used to control a ferret odor, let us know below in the comment section. We want to add your tip to this article to help other fellows learn more improved & detailed information on homemade deodorizers for ferrets.

If you find this article helpful & informative, consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn what they should use when making homemade ferret deodorizers. Also, stay updated with ferret care & requirements to prevent health issues and odor for everyone’s well-being. Check my other recently posted article that helps promote pet longevity and ensure their happiness. See you in the next posts, till then, take care & goodbye.

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