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3 Best Homemade Ferret Food Recipes

Hey there, if you are looking for homemade ferret food, you are in the right place. In this article, we will share ferret food recipes that are tasty and healthy for your ferret. Since most of the commercial ferret food contains ingredients that are known to be unhealthy, all the recipes mentioned here are backed by research & said to be extremely healthy for your pet. However, before I tell you what homemade ferret food recipes you can try to make for your ferret’s health and taste, it’s important to understand which ferret-bought vs. homemade ferret food is better. Therefore, let’s find out that first.


Which Is Better: Commercial Food vs. Homemade Foods For Ferrets?


Kibble is one of the most popular commercial foods and is said to be the best choice for a ferret. Even though this type of food does the job for a ferret diet, it is not always nutritionally healthy for your ferret. If you have been feeding commercially available or ferret-bought ferret food, you might also have to supplement them with vitamins & calcium powders with other natural foods.

On the other hand, ferret homemade foods tend to be a great choice as you can control the ingredients and nutrition for your pet’s wellbeing-. If you have been thinking about preparing your homemade food for your ferret, you Are Not alone. Many people prefer a homemade diet over a commercial one for their pet’s health so they can control their beloved critters’ eating habits.

Also, homemade foods for ferret gives you an advantage in customizing your pet feeding routine whenever you think it’s necessary or required (like due to sickness). No matter how easy, balanced, & simple a commercial ferret food seems, homemade ferret foods will always be a better choice for your pet’s health & well-being. So, let’s find out the five most popular homemade foods for ferrets.


3 Best Homemade Ferret Food Recipes


Tuna Smoothie




  • Get a 1.5-ounce canned tuna that is salt-free in water
  • Two tablespoons low-sodium chicken broth
  • Ferretone for garnish
  • 1/3 cup water
  • A pinch of high-quality bone meal


How To Make?


The very first thing that you need to do is to drain the water from the can of tuna into a small glass. Alternatively, you can use a JAR. The tuna’s water is what you need. Hence, you can reserve the tuna for yourself to make a salad, which is a great recipe for us.

After getting the water from the can, add 1/3 Cup of water because high-sodium foods are not said to be healthy for ferrets if given regularly. Also, I highly advise you to divide the tuna water between two small glasses or bowls. After that, you need to add a splash, like one tablespoon of chicken broth, to each portion With a pinch of high-quality bone meal. Lastly, mix/blend them well and sprinkle some ferretone on each portion for garnish. That’s it; the tuna smoothie is ready for your ferret.


Is This Recipe Healthy?


The ferretone you will use for garnishing is quite healthy for your ferret. According to the Pisces Pet Emporium, it provides essential vitamins & fatty acids necessary for healthy skin & shiny coat. Even though some ferrets may not like chicken broth, it can be made tasty & enticing for your pet when added to a smoothie.

As per the Manitoba Ferret Association, you can always buy a jar of chicken with broth for your ferret (no matter age or gender) as these are healthy and pure protein meal treats that can be used to prepare food, too. Talking about the bone meal, Mayne Vet suggests that ferrets like eating bones and that it’s a great source of calcium, marrowbone, & minerals.


Pumpkin Puree Mix With Soup


Here, you will prepare two things for your ferret. Also, this recipe will keep your ferret’s appetite full for an extended period. To make a pumpkin puree and soup, here are the following ingredients you need to know.




  • Get a chicken thigh with bone in & skin on
  • Pumpkin
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Ferretone 


How To Make?


Firstly, you should consider making a very easy soup. You first need to add chicken & water to a pressure cooker and cook it for at least 45 minutes at high pressure & high temperature. While doing this, make sure the steam valve is closed properly. Once cooked properly, you must cool down the pot in cold water.

Even though ferrets are known to eat bone happily & interestingly, you still need to remove the bones to make soup. You can also feed the bone separately as a treat to your ferret. After removing the bones properly, you need to put the cooker back on high flame, break open eggs & mix them in it. Also, blend everything else thoroughly, including the skin & chicken meat. After a few minutes, you can turn off the flame and let it cool down.

When it is mildly hot, you can serve it to your ferret and keep the rest in the fridge for at most two or three days. When feeding it to your ferret again, reheat the soup in the microwave and water, if necessary, to get a liquid consistency. I will highly advise you to add any medication or supplement, if required, to the soup when it is lukewarm.

I like to add ferretone. To ensure the fullness of their appetite and prevent diarrhea, make pumpkin puree, which is quite easy to make. Just make sure to get the organic pumpkin and wash it thoroughly. You can either roast or boil the pumpkin before making it pureed. For this recipe, I will advise you to boil the cubes of pumpkin until soft and pure in the blender once it’s cooled. 


Is This Recipe Healthy?


As I told you earlier, ferretone is completely healthy for your ferret. Chicken thighs are good to start with, especially if you first feed homemade food to your ferret. According to Ferret Owners Australia, chicken thighs with bone is completely safe for your pet to consume. Talking about the pumpkin, Holistic Ferret Forum suggests that the pumpkin is immeasurably useful in emergencies like diarrhea & dehydration. Even most veterinarians suggest avoiding feeding vegetables; pumpkin is an exception for ferrets.


Rabbit & Organ Meal 


This recipe can give your ferret at least 2-3 days of meal supply. Plus, the ingredient used in the recipe has been carefully chosen to meet your ferret’s nutritional requirement and keep their health and safety in mind.




  1. 1.5 pounds whole rabbit carcass
  2. 0.5-pound chicken heart
  3. 1/5 pound beef liver
  4. 8 ounces pumpkin
  5. Four pasture-raised eggs without shell
  6. Ferretone 
  7. One cup of ferret kibble


How To Make?


First, you need to cut the rabbit into small dice pieces and roast it. Afterward, boil the beef liver and chicken heart. While boiling the liver & heart, you can make the puree out of pumpkin, but boil it first, as told in the previous recipe. Once the puree is ready, mix it with small pieces of roasted rabbit meat and boiled liver & heart. After thoroughly mixing, add one cup of ferret kibbe with a small but healthy amount of ferretone. You can stir this mixture well for a couple of minutes on medium flame, then serve it to your ferret. 


Is This Recipe Healthy?


According to the Ferret Owners Australia, you can always use chicken heart, but not solely or as all of the meat. On the other hand, Holistic Ferret Forum suggests that the liver is healthy for your ferret as it contains high amounts of vitamin A. However the organ meat should never be more than 10% of the ingredients when preparing any food as it can lead to obesity & nutritional imbalances over time.

That’s why we’re using only one by 1/5 pound beef liver and 0.5 pound chicken heart. As for the eggs, blogs like Vivopets suggest that it is an important ingredient in your ferret diet, and ferrets enjoy this food. Plus, eggs are a healthy source of protein & fat, making them ideal snacks for your ferret.

Regarding snacks, consider checking my post on 3 of many pets’ favorite homemade ferret treats. As per the Department of Conservation, rabbit tends to be the main diet of ferrets in the wild. Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate to feed rabbits.




I hope now you know what ingredients you need and how to prepare these incredible three homemade ferret food recipes. It would be best to remember that ferrets are strictly meat eaters who need at least 50% protein with 15-30% fats. Carbohydrates & fibers are not good for your ferret anyway.

Also, you can always replace the meat source mentioned in these recipes as you wish or require. But make sure you research the type of meat you’re considering adding or replacing in any of these recipes because not all are healthy for your ferrets. You should also avoid feeding your ferret vegetables or fruit, but pumpkin is an exception.

You can consider using pumpkins to bind up stools in ferrets. We have also shared a guide on Homemade remedies for ferret diarrhea, where we discussed the effectiveness of pumpkin in depth. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about some of the best homemade ferret food recipes that are tasty and healthy for their pets.

Also, if you want to stay updated with ferret care & requirements to keep them healthy, safe, and live long, check my other helpful guides on this website. Check my recently published articles on home remedies and homemade products for ferrets that are way better than most commercially available products. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.