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11 Best Cat Food For Ferrets(Reviews, Pros & Cons)

When you have more than one type of pet in your home, feeding them becomes challenging because of different nutritional requirements. If you have a ferret & a cat in your home, you might be looking for some of the best cat food for ferrets. In this article, we will share some of the best cat foods for ferrets that are nutritious & tasty.

All the foods we have mentioned here have been thoroughly researched based on people’s experience feeding cats & ferrets. Here, you will learn about the 11 best cat foods for ferrets that are nutritionally beneficial and healthy for both pets. But before this, it’s important to learn ‘Is cat food better for ferrets?’ and, if yes, ‘What foods can I feed my ferrets?’. So, without wasting time, let’s begin with the answer to the first question.

Is Cat Food Better For Ferrets?

Some cat foods can be better for ferrets because of their high protein content as a diet for them. However, you will need to feed them extra fatty acid supplements as most kitten food will not have enough for ferrets. Also, ferrets are meat eaters who need high amounts of fat & protein, which cat kibbles can’t provide because of their high carbohydrate content.

If you are in an emergency, you can feed your ferret with high-quality kitten food that contains as much protein & fat as possible. But switch to formulated food for the ferret as soon as possible. Let’s understand what food you can feed to ferrets.

What Cat Food Can I Feed My Ferrets?


You will have to do thorough research and see if you can find good quality canned cat food that contains high amounts of protein & fat but is low in fiber without any additives like sugar or salt. Also, cat food must have a high nutritional value that you can give to your ferret.

As VCA Animal Hospital suggests, feeding cat food that is not properly nutritionally balanced can be messy and cause nutritional imbalances in ferrets, leading to health issues. It’s better to stick with diets specially formulated for ferrets as these are more appropriate & recommended. In the case of two different pets you have, below are three best cat foods for ferrets that you can feed them as long as you want based on the ferret owner’s review & experience.


3 Best Cat Food For Ferrets


Bundle of ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Cat Food


The very first cat food is this one, which comes with a healthy ingredient. Even though the ingredients didn’t seem great for your ferret, this is healthy. This one is better if you compare it to other foods like Marshall’s. However, you will have to mix 3-4 different types of food to make this food work better for your ferrets. When feeding this cat food, your ferret will likely go through their bowls and pick out and eat the ZiwiPeak first. Also, this doesn’t contain any byproduct like beef meal or vegetables, which is said to be unhealthy for ferret. It’s 100% grain-free, perfect for carnivorous animals like ferrets who need nothing besides meat.



  • Best For Varied Diet: As Black Cats Rule suggests, you can feed your ferret with this food twice a day to make it thrive & look fabulous. Also, you can mix this up with soups that include chicken Stella & chewies.
  • Best For Coat & Stinky Poop: Another user Michelle claims that their ferret coat becomes spectacular with less stinker & larger poops. 
  • Good for Diarrhoea: Another user shared that this food is good for ferrets suffering from diarrhea to make their stool solid again.
  • Best For Odour Control: Another appreciable feature of this food is it can make your ferret fur softer and less stinky. It is a diet to your ferret to make them even less odorous.
  • Reliable For Long Term: Many users, including Alley Baker, have found her ferret doing well on this food after feeding it for more than four years. According to her, it’s the only dry food she trusts.




  • Expensive: Many ferret owners, including Kenricky1020, find this food expensive. But I guess it’s not because a 2.2 lb bag can last up to 2 months for a single ferret. And, if you divide it by 2, it’s not a big deal, though. Even though it has less food, it is higher in quality.
  • Late Delivery & Runs Out of Stock Quickly: As per Cole, this food can take forever to get and is always late with unpredictable time frames. I guess Amazon has difficulty keeping this one in stock for repeated delivery. And sometimes, users complain about their orders being canceled and waiting months to restock on Amazon.
  • Smelly: A few users, including Kaylee & Melanie Martin, find this food scent smell weird but shouldn’t be minded as it’s formulated for pets.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Cat Food


Another great cat food for the ferret that you can feed is this one. I will advise you to add a little warm water. I don’t know if you have realized, but normally, ferret food tends to make our pet poop more than any small creature should and stinks. Hence, if you are looking for quality food on the dooks’ list, go with this one to provide your pets with a specific amount of protein & fat they need. I find this food way better than most kibble marketed for ferrets and at a much more affordable rate.




  • Best For Underweight Ferrets: CUsers like Felipe found their fur baby fattened and more active after having food for months.
  • Affordable: As suggested by Shay R, you are getting an amazing price for the bag size with fast shipping & quality. 
  • Less Stinky Poop: There is a huge chance that you will find your ferret poop far less stinky than ever, as Kailee did.
  • Promote Fuzzier Coat: A user, Marissa Price, claims her pet is less stinky but with a thicker & fuzzier court. 


  • Weird Smell: The only thing that many users, including Mizta Shy, disliked is the smell of this food, but I find it not very strong.


Purina ONE Natural Dry & Wet Kitten Food


Another food that your ferret will love and refuse to switch to anything cheaper or better is this one. This food item will be what and much more than you expect. Not only will your cat love it, but also your ferret. This food is so nutritionally beneficial for both species that your cat is likely to freak out if you only feed this to your ferret.




  • Best Diet: Compared to other food, you will find its dietary requirement better than most, as shared by Kenny W. 
  • Best For Long Term: If you are looking for a chicken-based diet that you can feed for years, this is the one as many owners like Just_kos99 & Linda C Montano’s pets thrived on this and fed it their whole lives.
  • Good Nutritional Content: If you are looking for cat food high in fat, taurine, and protein but low in ash and grains, you should settle on this kitten food as Chelsey did and found her pet full of energy.


No Cons.

4 Best Cat Foods For Ferrets (Backed By Couple of Ferret’s Owner Reviews Only)


“I and love and you” Dry Cat Food.


Another great cat food that I found after doing research is one with some good ingredients. Like Jennifer Kohan ferrets, your pet will also like this food and will likely go on a hunter hunger strike unless you buy it.


Nulo Freestyle Dry Cat Food


If you love feeding your ferret with soupies, this is the one to go with. You can sprinkle on your ferret’s food and add water to make it soupy. It dissolves faster in hot water than real freeze-dried meat does. However, the only thing that a ferret owner, Diane L. Lemberger, complained about was receiving 30% of the monthly bags being crushed. I guess it’s packed in a soft-sighted bag, and the manufacturer needs to upgrade the package.


Iams Proactive Dry Cat Food


I also found a couple of users feeding this diet to their ferrets. After reviewing its content, I will advise you to mix it with multiple higher-tired ferret foods to stretch it longer. This food is the perfect size for your ferrets’ little mouths and keeps their coat nice & shiny after feeding them for years like Angel Sharp did.


Blue Buffalo Cat Dry and Wet Food Bundle


Another food that many ferret owners like, and I recommend, is this Blue Buffalo Cat Food Bundle, packed with chicken as the first ingredient. Ferrets’ owner Taylor P shared that this food made her pet’s coat and teeth healthier and look fantastic while keeping her pet energetic. Also, another user, Christopher W, found her pet gaining more weight with a healthier coat when fed this diet compared to any other shop-bought ferret food.


4 Cat Food For Ferrets That Are Worth Mentioning


Cat Food For FerretsProsCons
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat FoodFerrets love this and may even try to steal from your catNot Tested By Many. Plus, this food goes bad quickly.
Fussie Cat Food With Salmon & Chicken Meal FormulaFeeding this formula for months can fatten up your ferrets, meaning it’s good for weight gain.Small bags are high priced. Plus, it’s not good for picky eaters at all.
9Lives Indoor Complete Dry Cat FoodRecently, MICHAEL J. MEDONIC reviewed this food and found her ferret loving it.Few complained about finding lots of dust in every bag bought from Amazon. Does have high protein but not of good quality.
Wellness Dry Kitten FoodFerrets do well on this cat food. I’ll advise you to get the chicken flavor.I find this a little carby. Plus, the Smells are not that great.




I hope you now know the best cat food for ferrets and which one to choose. The foods mentioned here are very effective for ferret coats, stinky poop, teeth, weight, odor, and a long-term diet. All the foods mentioned here are already tested, verified, and found to be very healthy by many ferret owners.

Therefore, if you have multiple ferrets & cats, consider investing in one of the foods mentioned here. Besides these foods, I highly advise you to do deep research on any food you are looking at to understand the nutrient content, as all pets have different nutritional requirements.

Oathall Vet says Pet ferret needs a diet with 30-35% protein and 15-20% fat. Apart from this food, you can also consider feeding your ferret with some homemade recipes. To know more about this, consider checking my articles on the three best homemade ferret foods and the three best homemade ferret treats that are healthy, tasty, & nutritious.

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about what food is healthy and what’s not, along with the options to choose from the best cat food for ferrets mentioned here. To stay updated with ferret care and requirements for their long life & healthy coat, consider checking my other guides on this website. See you in the next post, till then, take care, & goodbye.