New Ferret Book – “Ferret Toys”

Here’s a quick announcement about our new ferret book, published as a Kindle e-book and titled Ferret Toys: Keeping Pet Ferrets Happy. Check it out – we think you’ll find some useful information in this book.

Ferret Toys possesses two main virtues. It’s not too long, and it contains some ideas and plans for homemade toys for pet ferrets. Here’s how the blurb goes:

We ferret owners are all a little “crazy” when it comes to our fuzzy kids. Just as we do for our human children, we want the best, most-stimulating toys we can afford for our pet ferrets. But how do we wade through the thousands of choices and the many manufacturers. And where is the best place to get ferret toys? And what about homemade toys?

These are the questions this little book will answer. You will find out:

  • How to choose ferret toys wisely, both ferret-wise and money-wise
  • How to choose toys that will engage your ferret’s senses and keep him active and interested
  • How to know whether a toy is safe for your ferret
  • The top ferret-toy manufacturers
  • The best places to buy ferret toys
  • How to create inexpensive and fun homemade ferret toys (with step-by-step directions)
  • How to take care of your ferret’s toys so they will last longer and be safer

Our aim is to simplify – and make less expensive -  the daunting task of choosing and making the best toys for your pet ferrets . . . with Ferret Toys.