Welcome to the Family – New Ferrets

On Tuesday, August 14, Rikki and Possum got a new brother and a new sister.

Loki (boy) and Baby (girl) are both black sables. Loki is eight months old, and Baby is fourLoki - New Pet Ferret months old. They are such sweethearts!

I got them from a friend who couldn’t keep them anymore. She approached me about taking Baby (I called her Baby because I hadn’t come up with a name for her yet) because she knew that I have two ferrets already and that I’m a softy when it comes to our little fuzzies. Of course, I couldn’t say no.

When my friend brought Baby, the cage, and all of her paraphernalia to me and we were getting it all out of her car, Loki jumped out of the car. It surprised me that she still had Loki. She informed me that the woman who was going to get Loki couldn’t take him after all. So my friend was going to see if any of the pet stores would take him.

When I found that out, I went and sweet talked my husband so that he would let me take Loki. I had to do a little bit of arguing too. But he finally saw the light and gave in.

Now I have four little fuzzies. And Rikki and Possum just love having two more playmates.Luna - New Pet Ferret, Black Sable

I’m also not calling Baby “Baby” anymore. Her name is now Luna.

I owe a great big Thank You! to one of my  blog readers. She is the one who suggested the name Luna. I won’t mention her name, but she knows who she is. So, thank you again for suggesting the name Luna. It fits her perfectly.

Welcome to the family Loki and Luna!