More Famous Ferret Names

In a previous post I wrote about movies with little fuzzy actors in them. I found out thatPanda Ferret Playing most of those ferrets did not have names. In my opinion, that is discrimination against our famous fuzzies.

Most movies that have dogs and cats in them provide the names of the canine and feline actors in the credits. Of course, most people don’t feel toward fuzzies the way we obsessed ferret owners do.

Anyway, here is a very short list of famous ferret names:

  • Podo and Kodo – from the movie Beast Master
  • Pan – from the movie The Golden Compass
  • Rodolfo – from the movie Along Came Polly
  • Jasper – from the movie Jake and Jasper

I also found out the names of Paris Hilton’s ferrets – Dolce and Gabbana. I don’t think she has them anymore, though, because it is illegal to keep pet ferrets in California.

My favorite famous ferret name I saved for last . . . and that is . . . Rikki Tikki Tavi! That is the name of my albino ferret. It is taken from the children’s story “Rikki Tikki Tavi” written by Rudyard Kipling.

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