Litter Boxes for Pet Ferrets

What kind of litter boxes should we use in our fuzzies’ cages? Here are a few suggestions –Ferret Litter Pan some things I’ve learned from (sometimes not-so-pleasant) experience.

When nature calls and our little fuzzies have to run to the bathroom, they run to a corner. Then they turn around and back up to the corner where the walls meet and do their business. So my advice is to get a ferret litter box with a fairly high back. Or you will find “surprises” on the floor in the bottom of the cage.

The litter boxes I have for Rikki and Possum are triangle shaped so they will fit nicely into a corner where my fuzzy babies like to do their business. These litter boxes also have high backs (two sides of the triangle) with a much lower front side to allow easy access. They work very nicely in the corner of the cage.

I would also advise getting locking litter pans. If your pet store is out of locking kind or doesn’t carry them, then I would highly recommend that you tie the litter pans down in some way. You can use C-clamps, twist ties, or small bungee cords. Just make sure they are secured in the cage, usually to the bars of the cage wall.

You can also purchase suitable ferret litter boxes from Amazon or form the Marshall site. And you can order them from Doctors Foster and Smith.

I have three litter boxes in Rikki’s and Possum’s cage. They are not the locking kind, so I tieFerret in Litter Box them down with twist ties.

If you don’t use locking litter boxes or if you don’t secure your non-locking litter pans, you will soon find them turned upside down. And you will also find litter and unwanted surprises all over the bottom of the cage.

I have learned through experience to make sure Rikki’s and Possum’s litter boxes are securely tied down. That way, we are all happy.

You can find out how to litter train your ferrets in Getting Started with Pet Ferrets.