Getting Rid of Ferret Odor with GoodBye Odor

GoodBye Odor for Ferret-Odor Control – A Must Have Ferret Product

So I was gone to Colorado throughout the month of October. The purpose of this trip was to GoodBye Odor for Ferret Odorhelp out my older son and his wife during and right after the birth of their third child, my fifth grandchild. (They were really hoping for a son, but got another, a third, daughter instead.) And I left my four ferrets in the care of my husband for nearly five weeks!

Actually, though, he did a good job. He fed and watered them daily and cleaned the cage regularly. And when I got home, my fuzzy babies were healthy, happy, and sassy – and ready to get out and spend some play time with me. So I really have no complaints there.

But what he didn’t do was order needed ferret supplies on time.

And that means that shortly after I got back home, we ran out of GoodBye Odor. Then, we hit a bit of a tight money spot and had to postpone ordering for a couple more weeks. The ferret smell let me know daily that we had run of this product that I consider essential for ferret care.

But now we again have some GoodBye Odor for Ferrets – my husband can be a good boy at times – and the ferret smell has subsided substantially. The difference between before and after was markedly noticeable. I just can’t say enough about this product, and I absolutely refuse to run out again.

I usually buy the 32 oz. pump bottle because it costs less than buying the smaller bottles and I don’t want to buy the big jug. I just add it so my fuzzies’ water – about 9 pumps to a 20 oz. water bottle – and the smell that some people find offensive is kept to a very low level. My babies don’t even seem to notice that I’ve added it to their water. It simply works.

My husband is now aware – after some “encouragement” on my part – that he has to order GoodBye Odor when I tell him it’s time. It’s a pretty good arrangement all around.

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Getting Rid of Ferret Odor – GoodBye Odor, Does it Work?

I was asked on this blog whether GoodBye Odor, a product for reducing ferret odor, works. Short answer: Yes, it does.

I was very skeptical at first. The owner of the pet store (the only one in our town) swore by itFuzzy Ferrets Playing and said it was a very popular item with her ferret-owner customers. So, I decided to give it a try.

At first, I bought just the 8 oz. bottle of GoodBye Odor, which lasted about a month. When it ran out, I didn’t get more for about 3 to 4 weeks. It wasn’t intentional – I just kept forgetting to get more when I went to town.

And I always got mad at myself for forgetting. About 4 days after I ran out of GoodBye Odor, I noticed that Rikki’s litter box and even her body really stank – even though I cleaned her litter box every day and did a complete cage cleaning once a week.

You just don’t realize how bad the ferret smell is till you run out of GoodBye Odor. It doesn’t get rid of ferret odor completely, but the odor isn’t nearly as strong or as noticeable.

After experiencing the weeks without GoodBye Odor, I tried not to run out of it again. Now that I have two fuzzy babies, the smell has doubled. And you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t run out now!

So does GoodBye Odor work? In my opinion, yes, it does – quite well.

Bath Time for Your Ferret

Ferret at Bath TimeFerret bath time? That’s a terrifying thought – for both me and my little fuzzy kids!

Actually, you really shouldn’t bathe your ferrets very often. My vet and all the books I have read (Ferrets for Dummies is a great one) suggested bathing a ferret only a few times a year.

Bathing your fuzzy kid too often is actually not good. Bathing takes the natural oil out of the skin and the hair. And frequent bathing causes dry, flaky skin and coarse fur.

When you do bathe your fuzzy kid, use a shampoo that is gentle on your ferret. There are shampoosPanda Ferret Ready for Bath out there for ferrets, but I use baby shampoo on Rikki and Possum. In fact, my vet said that baby shampoo is the safest for ferrets, and it doesn’t dry out their skin. In my opinion, it makes them smell better, and it’s easier on the pocket book!

Since I don’t bathe my ferrets very often, I just make sure I don’t run out of GoodBye Odor. It doesn’t take the ferret smell completely away, but it sure as heck makes it tolerable.

Dealing with Ferret Odor

Do you have smelly ferrets and a smelly ferret cage? I do too – but not as bad as I used to.

When I had only one ferret, Rikki, the smell wasn’t really all that bad. I cleaned out her litter box daily, and did a complete cage cleaning once a week. Now that I have two ferrets, I have to do a complete cage cleaning every day. (I’m still having problems getting Possum to use the litter box every time. But we’re making progress . . . I think.) But with two ferrets, even a daily cage cleaning wasn’t enough to keep the ferret odor down.

There is product I use that has helped a lot with the odor – GoodBye Odor from Marshall. I use itGoodBye Odor for Ferrets and recommend it, and it’s also veterinarian recommended.

You wouldn’t believe the difference GoodBye Odor makes in the smell of your ferret and the odor of your ferret’s cage and litter box. Now, you won’t, of course, get rid of the smell altogether, but you won’t gag anymore when you have to clean out the cage and litter box.

It even tones down the musky smell of your ferret. Even if de-scented, your ferret will still have that musky smell, which comes from the natural oil in the ferret’s skin. In any case, I can really tell the difference when I run out and forget to buy more.

I buy the 32 oz. bottle, and it lasts about three months. I buy it from Amazon because, even with shipping charges, it’s much cheaper than purchasing it from the local pet store. I actually buy most of my ferret products (most of which are Marshall products) from Amazon.

So, to control ferret odor and litter-box and cage smells, I highly recommend GoodBye Odor for Ferrets.