Making Sure Ferret Toys are Safe

Pet ferrets, of course, love their sleep time, but play time is what really makes them light up. And that means ferret toys – and lots of ‘em. But you need to make sure the toys you get forA Collection of Ferret Toys your favorite fuzzies are truly ferret safe.

Below are a few guidelines for making sure your ferret’s toys are suitable and safe:

  1. Make sure the ferret toys you purchase are specifically designed for ferrets. Ferrets can chew through dog or cat toys in seconds, thanks to their sharp teeth and strong jaws. This means it’s possible for them chew off and ingest small bits of these toys and ingest – which can lead to choking and/or intestinal blockage.
  2. Ensure that the toys are free of small decorations that can be chewed off and swallowed. This includes ribbons, bows, jingle bells, buttons, etc. As a general rule, ferret toys and toy attachments should be at least two inches square to avoid the possibility of  the toys or their parts being swallowed.
  3. Make sure all ferret tunnels and nesting holes are at least four inches in diameter so your ferret won’t get stuck.
  4. Likewise, make sure all ball toys are at least two inches in diameter so your ferret won’t choke on them.
  5. Avoid toys made of cardboard, rubber, foam, plastic, Styrofoam, and wood chips. Also avoid easily chewable fabric, including socks, hosiery, drawstrings, etc. Use only the starch packing peanuts – and NOT Styrofoam packing peanuts – if you want a ferret dig box.
  6. Carefully examine your ferret’s toys at least once a week. Replace any loose stuffing, and repair any torn seams. Discard any plastic toys that have cracked or have loose parts. Clean any toys that have become stained, and use plain water so your ferret won’t ingest anything toxic.

Also, if your pet ferret seems to have lost interest in a favorite toy that is still in good shape, clean it and then put it aside in a hidden place for a few weeks. When you bring it out again, your ferret is likely to see it as a brand new toy.

More About Ferret Toys

One thing I strongly advise is that when you get a ferret (purchase, adopt, rescue, or however), you also get . . . A LOT of ferret toys. Because pet ferrets are very curious and very playful and get bored very easily.

I’m always telling my husband that whoever came up with the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” got it wrong. It should be, instead, “Curiosity killed the ferret.” They are indeed curious (and thieving) critters.

So if you don’t want your ferrets getting into things you don’t want them in, then make sure youFerret Toys have plenty of ferret toys. Of course, that doesn’t always completely solve the problem of them getting into your things, but it does help. Rikki and Possum may have more toys than my kids did.

First, ferrets love tunnels! I got my ferrets a tunnel system that hooks to a sphere in the middle. They love it. Possum used to get lost in it when he was baby, and I had to send Rikki in after him.

Another of their favorite toys is the Octo-Play, an octopus-like toy. The arms are fabric tunnels, and there are a total of 11 climbing holes.

I also bought Rikki and Possum some cat toys. They especially like the dangle toys – the ones that have a toy hanging at the end of an elastic string attached to a plastic stick. My ferrets have several of these.

And they have balls to play with – all kinds and sizes of balls. Their favorites, though, are the ones with something inside that makes interesting sounds.

And stuffed animals with squeakers – lots of these.

But don’t worry if you can’t afford some of the more expensive ferret toys. You can’t go wrong with boxes. For example, I took some boxes, taped the tops shut, and cut round holes in one or both ends. Rikki and Possum love to run in and out and play in them. A big hit for sure!

Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t buy your pet ferrets soft-rubber dog or cat toys. Ferrets love to chew the soft rubber, and this can easily become a ferret health hazard. Small pieces of the rubber toys may get lodged in your ferret’s intestines, and this can cause illness and even death.

Whether you provide your fuzzies store-bought or homemade ferret toys, always make sure they are ferret safe.