Donna Cartwright – An Artist from Wales and Her Pet-Ferret Paintings

Okay, so we all know ferret lovers are a little “crazy” when it comes to our fuzzy friends. We do many things the outside world just can’t seem to understand – like having ferret pictures painted on a custom-made wooden chair.

I’ve seen a lot of searches lately for ferret gifts for humans. Well, now, I have a great idea for all the ferret lovers who visit this site . . .

Donna Cartwright, an artist from Wales – yep, that’s the UK Wales, land of unpronounceable names and misty mysterious legends – recently contacted me. She explained her work and told me about how she had been commissioned by a woman to paint ferrets on a . . . chair.

When Donna contacted me, I immediately went to her website – Ferret Paintings on – to look at her artwork. At the time, the ferret art wasn’t done, but I totally fell in love with her other work, especially the painted vases.

When she got the ferret-painting-adorned chair finished, Donna sent me pictures of it. I loved it!

Now, I want a chair with my fuzzies painted on it. I told my husband, and, of course, he said, “No.” But I’m still working on him. I’m the type who doesn’t really take “No” for an answer.

I encourage you to go to Donna’s site – – and take a look at her very impressive painting. You will love her work!

You can also contact Donna Cartwright here. I’ll keep you posted about Donna’s work (hopefully, more ferret stuff) as information and pictures become available.