Another New Ferret Story

Everyone loves a story with children and animals – especially when it has an ending that New Story for Ferret Loversmakes you smile. And that pretty well describes in broad strokes our new short story titled “Danny and Oliver: A Ferret-Rescue Tale.”

Here’s what our blurb says:

Twelve-year-old Danny McGuire loves his pet ferret, Oliver – but Danny’s parents don’t. They also think he should do more of the things “normal boys” do.

Still, Danny manages to remain fairly cheerful and keep his grades up. Oliver consoles him, his mountain-bike rides bring him solace, and his best friend Mike offers some hard-won advice.  It all works out, for the most part, until . . . things go terribly wrong.

But, then, it pays to remember that a rescue ferret can sometimes “rescue” a bad situation.

Strictly speaking “Danny and Oliver: A Ferret-Rescue Tale” is a children’s story. But it is also a story that, we think, will please ferret lovers of all ages.

Pet Ferrets and . . . Warts!?

Here’s a new one for you ferret lovers. Someone recently asked me this question: “DoFerret Playing in Tube System ferrets cause warts?”

No, my friend, ferrets do not cause warts. But – and this is something a lot of people don’t know – ferrets can get warts. And through some research, I found that ferrets cannot pass warts to humans.

Warts on a human are skin growths caused by a virus in the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) family. This virus causes rapid growth of a hard protein (called keratin) in the top layer of skin, which then results in warts.

After doing some research and talking to veterinarians, I found that the “warts” on our little fuzzies are actually Subaceous Epitheliomas, wart-like tumors that are usually benign. If your woozle has anything like these, you should take your fuzzy to the vet. You should never take a chance with your fuzzy baby!

So, the answer to the original question is: “No, pet ferrets cannot pass warts to us, their human parents.”

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