More and More Ferret Beds – Easy Ferret-Bed Rehabilitation

I am one of those people who think their little fuzzies cannot have enough ferret beds.

Rikki and Possum have seven beds, two sleep sacks, and a hammock (but not all in theirCollapsing Ferret Bed cage at the same time, of course).

Two of these beds I bought from Doctors Foster and Smith – the Fuzz-E-Tree Sleepers set (two pieces). One of the set is a tunnel that resembles a log and hangs in the cage. The other piece is a round house, and it is supposed to resemble a small tree stump. But it doesn’t hang – it just sits on the floor.

I sweet talked my husband into ordering these beds for me. When they finally arrived in the mail, I got so excited, just like a kid at Christmas.

I grabbed up the package and hurried into my bedroom where my fuzzy kids live. I just had to show Rikki and Possum their new beds.

The “log” tunnel they loved – but the “tree house” kept collapsing on them. My pet ferrets didn’t like that, so they soon ignored it and wouldn’t have anything to do with it. It ended up just lying on the floor beside their toy box. (Yes, my fuzzy kids have their own toy box. Actually, it’s a basket that holds their smaller toys.)

I thought about putting this tree-stump bed in the bottom of their cage, thinking maybe they would eventually use it. But I soon scratched that idea because that’s where they have two of their litter boxes. And, besides, it still wouldn’t hold its shape.

So I got to thinking: “Surely there is a way to put straps on that bed and hang it in the cage.” And this is what I came up with.

I went to the Dollar Tree store (a chain in this part of the country that everything is on sale for just a dollar) and purchased a dog leash that matched the bed’s pattern and color scheme. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought four small hooks (or snaps) from the jewelry section.

Having done that, I took a seam ripper and unsewed the top corner seams of the bed. I next cut the leash into four pieces (straps) about eight and a half inched long. Then, I inserted the end of each strap through a snap, doubled over the end of each strap, and sewed the loop shut. (These would be used to hook onto the top of the cage.)

I then turned the bed inside out and pinned the straps onto the corners, making sure that the longest part of each strap was on the inside. That way, when the bed was turned right side out again, the straps would be outside the top of the bed. 

After I got the straps thus pinned, I sewed them into the corner seams using my sewing machine. And then after securing the straps in this manner, I turned the bed right side out again.

I now have another hanging ferret bed for Rikki and Possum – one they actually like.Hanging Ferret Bed

This was a bed that just sat on the floor unused. Previously, they wouldn’t have anything to do with it, but now they love it! This collapsing bed now keeps its shape because it is hanging. So Rikki and Possum have both a “log” and a “tree house” hanging in their cage.

Since I came up with this idea for my pet ferrets’ “tree house” bed, I’ve been wondering what other ideas I can come up with. I don’t think seven ferret beds are enough. They’ve got to have a wide selection, don’t you think?

Ferret Beds . . . Again

For anyone who might be interested, I got another ferret bed for my fuzzies. It’s a Ferret Playferret bed an ferret sleep sack Pyramid. And my babies love it!

I also got them a napsack (sleep sack). The problem, though, is that my two fuzzy critters like to sleep together, and this new bed doesn’t quite have enough room for both of them – especially when my chubby Possum tries to climb in with Rikki. Well, he’s not really that chubby – he just looks like it compared to Rikki. She’s my little petite “ADHD” baby.

The pyramid bed, on the other hand, has plenty of room for both of my ferrets. They canFerrets with Ferret Bed comfortably cuddle up and sleep together.

And this makes bed number five for Rikki and Possum. I have purchased several ferret beds for them because I like to change their bed fairly often so they can have a nice fresh bed.

We humans change the sheets on our beds often because we don’t like to sleep in dirty beds. So why should our furry friends have to sleep in dirty ferret beds?

In fact, Rikki and Possum even help change their beds. That is, they think they’re helping. Actually, they take off with the clean bed and hide it when I’m taking the dirty bed out of their cage. And like an idiot, I lay the dirty bed on the floor to look for the hidden clean one. Then, when I finally find the clean bed and get it in the cage . . . I have to go hunt the dirty bed. I usually find it under my bed and have to retrieve it from there before I can wash it.

So, as you can see, Rikki and Possum give me a lot more help with their beds than I want. But the whole escapade is actually enjoyable, and I have a lot of fun with their “help.”

In about a week to ten days, I’ll have another post about ferret beds because . . . Ricki and Possum will be getting two more brand-new beds. Dad ordered them today. So when they arrive and after Rikki and Possum try them out and give their opinions, I’ll post a review.

Ferret Beds for Happy Woozles at Sleep Time

We’ve touched on ferret beds before, but there’s a lot more to be said.

First, there are a ton of different styles of beds for ferrets. I have three different beds for Rikki andFerrets in Pirate Ship Bed Possum. One is the pirate-ship bed, one is a bed a friend made for them, and the third is a sleep sack. And, no, I don’t put them all in the cage at the same time. I alternate them – replacing the one in the cage with a clean one when it’s time for the one in use to be washed.  

I think their favorite one in the summertime is the pirate ship. They like to hang out of it when they get hot. The ferret bed my friend made is somewhat like a box bed, with a small opening on the top for Rikki and Possum to get into and out of the bed. It’s darker inside than the pirate-ship bed – and ferrets just love that. The sleep sack is a little too small for both of them together, so I’ll soon get a bigger one.

And here’s something to keep in mind when deciding on ferret sleeping accessories. Ferrets love hammocks!

Possum loves to use his hammock as a jungle gym. You’re probably thinking, “How can ferrets use a ferret hammock as a jungle gym?” But believe you me, they can do it – especially Possum. He jumps in it, climbs on it, jumps out of it, and hangs upside-down from it. He also likes to get in it and then jump on Rikki when she walks underneath. Possum and Rikki also like to take naps in it (but they don’t use it for their serious sleep time).

One thing I have learned about ferrets is that they love dark places when it’s time for sleep. And ferrets sleep 14+ hours a day – because they are so active when they play.

Ferret beds can be almost anything as long as it provides the dark, close space they love and as long as it’s safe for them. Their bed could be anything from a Kleenex box to a plastic milk jug with holes (and plenty of ventilation) cut in it to commercial or homemade sleep sacks and tents.  Even old blankets to hide in will work.

If you use a box or plastic jug or anything else you come up with, just make sure it’s secured somehow in the cage. If you don’t, your ferret will make a play toy out of it. And it may end up in the potty area – not good. I know this from first-hand experience.