Rikki and Possum – An Update on My Pet Ferrets

I was just looking over my past posts on this blog. It seems I have covered a lot of topics – maintaining good ferret health, ferret odor, ferret toys, vaccines, food, litter, and illnesses.

In going over this list of post topics, it occurred to me that I haven’t written anything aboutRikki, My Female Albino Ferret Rikki and Possum in a while. And they are the main reasons I started this website.

So, here goes . . .

Rikki is still my “ADHD” albino fuzzy. I have had her 2 years now, and she is still going strong.

Possum is my 1-year-old panda woozle. He was my laid-back chubby woozle. He’s still laid back, but he finally lost his baby fat. He isn’t as active as Rikki, but he still plays a lot, especially when he can get Rikki to play in the dig box with him.Possum, My Male Panda Ferret

I think their favorite game to play is tag, especially if I play with them. It seems like I’m the one who is always “IT” because they are a lot faster than I am – and I can’t fit under my bed and dresser. That’s where Rikki and Possum always run to keep me from tagging them.

After a game of tag, which usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes, then it’s dig-box and tube time. And that will last around 2 hours. After that, it’s nap time. By then, I’m ready for a nap too.

So Rikki and Possum are still doing great. And they are as ornery as ever.

Our Newest Favorite Ferret Toys

Do you love your pet ferrets? If you really love your fuzzy kids, then you have got to get them a Dig Box and a Super Thru-Way ferret tunnel from Doctors Foster and Smith.

My fuzzy kids absolutely love these new ferret toys! I thought my husband and I were going to rollFerrets Playing in Box on the floor laughing from just watching Rikki and Possum play in the Dig Box – which is a fairly good-sized box filled with starch peanuts. The peanuts are shaped just like the Styrofoam packing peanuts, but these are made of starch and dissolve in water and are ferret safe.

As we watched, Rikki and Possum wrestled, dug down in the peanuts, popped out and over the box, and ran around the room. Then, they raced around the room and dived into the Super Thru-Way flexible tunnel. (This is a slinky-like tunnel covered with clear plastic that expands to 20 feet long! And it is awesome!) Then it was back into the Dig Box to do it all over again.

I can almost guarantee that you will spend several hours watching your woozles playing in and with the tunnel. Possum, for example, will go in one end, Rikki will crawl into the other end, and then they meet in the middle. Then they commence play biting and rolling, each trying to get the other out of way and out of the tunnel.

Since Possum is too fat to turn around inside the tunnel, he has to back out and run over to theFerrets Playing in Ferret Tunnel other end where Rikki entered. With this approach, he tries to push her out from behind. But Rikki, who is definitely much smaller than Possum, sees what he’s up to and turns around inside the tunnel and winds up pushing Possum out.

Now, at this point, Possum is so aggravated he runs and jumps into the Dig Box, where he burrows under the peanuts to wait for Rikki – and, of course, he doesn’t have to wait for long. She hears him digging and rustling around in the peanuts, so she flies out of the tube and jumps into the box herself. (Their dad, my husband, made them a little bench so they can get into the Dig Box easier. He doesn’t like them, does he? LOL)

When Rikki jumps on Possum in the box, he doesn’t realize his rear half is sticking out of the peanuts. And the boxing match begins. It really does look like they are boxing. And since they don’t wear a mouthpiece like boxers do, the little fuzzies bare their teeth. But that’s okay – it’s all in fun.

So if you really love your fuzzy kids, please get them a Dig Box and a Super Thru-Way ferret tunnel from Doctors Foster and Smith. And watch the fun begin with these new favorite ferret toys!   

You can find out more about Doctors Foster and Smith here. I am in no way affiliated with them. I just think they have good ferret accessories and ferret toys and offer great service.