Meet Karen

My name is Karen Hearing . . . and I am an animal lover. I have three dogs, one cat, three horses, and one husband. I also have – well, maybe they have me – four ferrets. My four fun, adorable carpet sharks have been the loves of my life for quite some time now.

Riki and albino ferretBut before I say anything else, let me introduce my ferret friends, my favorite little woozles . . .

Rikki is my female albino ferret. I got her name, of course, from Kipling’s children’s story “Rikki Tikki Tavi.” She is a rescue ferret. I found her curled up on the ground beside my truck when I was leaving work one day.

Possum is my male Panda ferret. He looks, naturally, like a possum with a fuzzy tail. I bought him to be a playmate and companion for Rikki.

Loki and Luna are both black sables. I took them in when a friend’s daughter discovered that two ferrets took far more time, attention, and money than she was willing to invest. So, now they’re my babies, and I try to give them a good home.

Possum the ferretDo I recommend ferrets as pets? Absolutely! And here’s why.

Ferrets are very comical, very loving, and very social creatures. Just spend a little time watching some ferret antics, and your bad day or bad mood will evaporate. My ferrets always put a smile on my face – even when they make a shambles of my bedroom.

I also recommend, if you’ve never spent much time in the company of ferrets before, that you do plenty of research before adopting a ferret. Ferrets are fairly high-maintenance pets – if you can really call them pets because they’re more like fuzzy family members. They require a lot of care, a lot of attention, careful attention to diet and health, and just the right ferret accessories and ferret toys.

My goals, then, with this site are to:

  • Help prospective ferret owners with the ferret-adoption process (sometimes known as buying a pet ferret)
  • Assist new ferret owners in making the right choices for optimal ferret care and ferret health
  • Share my hard-won knowledge of ferrets with other ferret lovers
  • Share my love of ferrets and (maybe) kindle and help sustain that love in other people
  • Make a few sales in the process

I hope you enjoy and get some useful information from the articles, blog posts, and recommended ferret books. Feel free to contact me to talk about anything ferret related.

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