20 Best Reasons to Choose a Ferret

“Why do you want a ferret? Wouldn’t a cat or dog be enough?” A lot of ferret owners get asked that question. Here are the best reasons to choose a ferret for a pet.

  1. Ferrets are something different. It’s perfectly all right to want a pet that’s a little out of the ordinary. Ferrets are more unusual than dogs and cats but they are not so “out there” that you have to worry about unusual pet care techniques, special diets or safety concerns.
  2. Ferrets are fun. They are incredibly social and very playful. They like to be with people and other animals, including dogs, cats and other ferrets.
  3. Ferrets are legal to own in most of the U.S. (However, it’s best to check with your local government before purchasing or adopting a ferret. At the time this article was written, ferrets were illegal in California and Hawaii and in some cities, including Washington and New York.) Some communities require a permit or license for ferret owners and/or breeders.
  4. Reasons to choose a ferret for a petFerrets are easy to care for: Yes, you will need to make an investment in a good cage and you will have to see to their specific needs every day, but those needs are not particularly onerous.
  5. Ferrets are fairly risk free. Unlike snakes or other exotic pets, they are generally not inclined to harm people or other creatures (with the exception of hamsters, gerbils, mice, insects and other smaller creatures.) As long as their vaccines are current, ferrets are generally safe to have around small children with supervision.
  6. Ferrets are a great stress reliever: It scarcely matters how bad your day has been. You may have had a rotten client meeting. The kids or your in-laws could be driving you through the roof. Another bill collector may have called. But despite these problems, you can count on your furry friend being genuinely happy to see you. You will have at least two hours of every day to play with it. It is virtually impossible to end that play time without a big smile on your face.
  7. Ferrets are fairly long lived (six to 10 years). You can count on your ferret sticking around to become a real member of the family.
  8. Ferrets are not nocturnal. When you need to get your sleep, your ferret will too. They sleep 14 to 18 hours per day on average so you don’t have to worry about night-time becoming party time.
  9. Ferrets are easily entertained. While there are plenty of toys especially for ferrets, they are just as happy with generic pet toys or even simpler items, like paper tubes, golf balls and bunches of string.
  10. Ferrets can be indoor or outdoor pets (if climate conditions are right). They can adapt to a variety of living arrangements.
  11. Ferrets can be left alone for a time, as long as there is sufficient food and water for them in their clean, secure cage. While they need the company of people or other pets every day, they can be left alone if you work outside the home, have errands to run etc.
  12. Ferrets are easily trainable. You can teach them to come when you call their names. You can train them to use a litter box, to drink from a water bottle, to walk when they are on a leash etc.
  13. Ferrets are historic. Even the ancient Romans had ferrets for pets. They used ferrets to hunt for rabbits and also to drive away rats. Early immigrants to the U.S. brought ferrets with them for the same reasons. Ferrets were instrumental in building tunnels and utilities because they could be used to send wire, cables and other items through narrow tubes.
  14. There’s a wealth of ferret information available: online, in your library, in pet stores. There are many groups and clubs for ferret owners. Most manufacturers of ferret supplies have resources for their customers.
  15. There’s a whole subculture for ferret owners and fans. Get a ferret, meet new people – guaranteed.
  16. It’s relatively easy to get proper veterinary care for a ferret. Most vets can handle them. If they can’t, most can readily refer you to someone who can.
  17. Ferrets are great conversation starters. It’s guaranteed that when you take your ferret for a walk or a romp in the park, people will insist on knowing more about your adorable companion.
  18. Ferrets make a lot of fun sounds. No one can resist its giggle when it’s having fun.
  19. Ferrets are great for teaching children about caring for others. Ferrets give back every bit of the affection that they get.
  20. Ferrets are loving: The best part of their day is when they cuddle up with you.