Good News (Maybe) for Ferret Owners in New York City

New York pet ferret


For 15 years, ferrets in New York City have been living in the shadows, outlawed under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who famously told a ferret fancier that “this excessive concern with little weasels is a sickness”.


Now there’s a bit of hope for the slinky creatures. Years of lobbying by ferret owners has finally landed an audience in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, which says it could hold a hearing by the end of the year on a measure to make ferrets legal once again.

“Why would you ban ferrets?” asks Candace Lucas, who has owned ferrets for about 25 years and currently shares her Manhattan apartment with six-year-old Tink. “How is a ferret any different than having a dog or a cat? Why would a ferret be something that would create any kind of problem?”

Ferrets are legal in most of the US but are prohibited in California and Hawaii and in some municipalities, including New York City for the stated health department reason of “vicious, unprovoked attacks on humans”. Backers say ferrets don’t attack unless they have been starved or abused.

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Arizona Working Hard to Re-establish Black-Footed Ferret

Black-Footed FerretThe Havasu News-Herald has a March 11 news piece that indicates Arizona’s Game and Fish Department is working hard to and making some progress toward re-establishing the black-footed ferret in the state. Take a look . . .

Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking volunteers to travel to Aubrey Valley, which is west of Seligman, Ariz., for two Black-footed Ferret Recovery Project spotlightings scheduled for March 28-30 and April 25-27. Sign up deadline is March 22, and April 19, respectively.

This year, organizers are experimenting with a new method by conducting two shorter spotlighting efforts instead of one with five consecutive nights of observation. Individuals can volunteer for just one evening or multiple nights.

The species is elusive, nocturnal and endangered. Twice thought to be extinct, a small population of black-footed ferrets was discovered in 1981. A mere 18 were left when captive breeding efforts began in 1985. In 1996, Arizona’s Aubrey Valley was selected as a reintroduction site. The project was funded through Arizona Heritage Funds and matched with federal dollars.

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Getting Started with Pet Ferrets: Your Guide to Happier, Healthier Pet Ferrets

“The Ferret Squad” to Advocate Legalizing Ferrets in California

A Ferret Movie for Legalizing Ferret Ownership in California

Ferrets are furry, cute pets, but the state of California is one of the few places in the United States that outlaws them as pets. Canadian filmmaker and ferret owner Alison Parker is using the power of movies to present the case for ferrets.

Parker’s first foray into ferret films was Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale. Released in 2011, this short film tells the story of a boy being helped by a ferret to overcome an emotionally difficult time.

In 2012, Parker began fundraising in the hope of creating a full-length feature titled TheFerret Movie - The Ferret Squad Ferret Squad. This movie focuses on ferrets being illegal to own in California, and what happens when a boy who owns one moves there and meets up with a group of children who call themselves The Ferret Squad.

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