Bottom of the Ferret Cage

Do I put anything on the bottom of my ferrets’ (Rikki’s and Possum’s) cage? The onlyFerret in Cage thing I have on the bottom of their ferret cage is their litter boxes.

My little fuzzies are not very clean house keepers. They scatter their food everywhere, and they play in their water bowl, splashing water everywhere.

Rikki and Possum also dig. They like to dig in their litter boxes right after I’ve cleaned them out and put in fresh litter.

And they like to move their furniture around. A lot! I have to make sure everything is tied down – especially their litter pans. If I don’t do this, I’ll find the litter boxes moved and even turned upside down, with ferret litter and my little fuzzies’ unmentionables (like their poop) scattered all over the bottom of their cage.

I also know that if I put newspaper or old rags or old clothes in the bottom of my fuzzy kids’ ferret cage, I would find these things in their beds and in their food and water dishes. I would also find these items on the floor of my bedroom. I know this would happen because I’ve tried it, and Rikki and Possum just stuffed these things through the bars of their cageGreat New Ferret Book and out onto my floor. You think that’s not possible? It absolutely is if the items are small enough for them to push through the spaces between the cage bars. Ferrets are no dummies!

So there’s the answer to the question “Do I put anything on the bottom of my pet ferrets’ cage?” No, I do not. I have a hard enough time keeping it clean as it is.

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