Rikki and Possum – An Update on My Pet Ferrets

I was just looking over my past posts on this blog. It seems I have covered a lot of topics – maintaining good ferret health, ferret odor, ferret toys, vaccines, food, litter, and illnesses.

In going over this list of post topics, it occurred to me that I haven’t written anything aboutRikki, My Female Albino Ferret Rikki and Possum in a while. And they are the main reasons I started this website.

So, here goes . . .

Rikki is still my “ADHD” albino fuzzy. I have had her 2 years now, and she is still going strong.

Possum is my 1-year-old panda woozle. He was my laid-back chubby woozle. He’s still laid back, but he finally lost his baby fat. He isn’t as active as Rikki, but he still plays a lot, especially when he can get Rikki to play in the dig box with him.Possum, My Male Panda Ferret

I think their favorite game to play is tag, especially if I play with them. It seems like I’m the one who is always “IT” because they are a lot faster than I am – and I can’t fit under my bed and dresser. That’s where Rikki and Possum always run to keep me from tagging them.

After a game of tag, which usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes, then it’s dig-box and tube time. And that will last around 2 hours. After that, it’s nap time. By then, I’m ready for a nap too.

So Rikki and Possum are still doing great. And they are as ornery as ever.

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